April 20, 2015

MN Tot Spots: Woodloch Stable

I have been just horrible at blogging lately! I've been living life, and life is just busy! A couple weekends ago we were invited to a 4 year old's birthday party (our friend Willow) and we were privileged to experience one of the coolest parties we've ever been to! Willow had her pony themed party at Woodloch Stable, where the kids got to take pony rides and PAINT the ponies! It was a really unique and fun party for the kiddos!

First time at a stable and the first time up close and personal with ponies and horses!

She was persistent on riding "Cupcake." :)

Gavin and Noelle!

So excited to ride her first pony!

First pony ride!!

She had so much fun! She wasn't afraid at all, like she was last summer when I tired to get her to ride a pony at the Renaissance Festival. She was super excited, and was impatiently waiting her turn!

Gavin and Noelle got to ride side by side. :)

She hopped off and the first thing she said was, "I want to ride again. I want to ride Nugget now." (Nugget was the one Gavin rode.)

Eyeing the treats. 

Woodloch Stable was really awesome. They have a great area to hold your private party!

The three amigos.

They were really interested in the cat. Poor cat. 

Getting ready to paint ponies!

You can tell the kids were excited, I've never seen such young kids listen to directions so well before, haha.

Painting Nugget!

She thought it was so fun!

"I want to paint his nails, mom."


They look so old, haha.


It was such a great time! Noelle had a blast, as did all the other kids. Happy Birthday dear Willow, and thank you for introducing us to such a great stable!! I think we will definitely be back for pony rides!

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