April 4, 2015

Hoppy Easter Pictures!! 2015

Last year Noelle did not go see the Easter bunny at all. The year before that she was really tiny, only about 18 months and we brought her to see him. She was excited, until she actually got near him...then she screamed. I had to be in the picture with her (which was bad enough) and then the picture turned out horrible (horribly funny). Last year we didn't want to repeat that. We avoided it altogether, which was easy since I had only had Halle a few weeks before Easter. This year, it was game on!

The girls got the cutest matching dresses (this pink scalloped chiffon number from Target), with matching lace leggings and headbands for Easter, so I just HAD to get an Easter bunny picture! 

Here they are just goofing off at home while Grandma and I try to take some pictures! My gosh, it is HARD to get two kids to just SIT and SMILE, much less at the same time! Wowza. This was one of the better ones, and they aren't even really sitting next to each other, lol.

Practicing some dance moves on the couch, hah.

 Mini models.

 Love my little bunnies!!

Hoppy Halle!

We went to the Rosedale Easter bunny, which was a decent set up. I always get so sad at Santa and Easter bunny pictures because they have the CUTEST backgrounds, that never get in the pictures because they zoom in so close! Lucky for me I turned around to find Noelle had snuck behind the fence to "smell the flowers." LOL!!

The girls did alright. Noelle was not scared at all this year and was super excited to go see the bunny. She waved to the bunny while she was in line and gave the bunny a huge hug and high five. Halle wasn't as easy. At first she was okay, but the longer it took, the more she realized some oversized unnatural looking stuffed animal was holding her. She started flipping out, haha. We got those pictures and ran for the food court for some well deserved treats!

Drum roll please...

Here it is!! Hoppy Easter from the Wagner girls!!

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