April 4, 2015

Golden Girl Halle's First Birthday Party!

I'm finally posting about our little Halle's 1st Birthday!! She was such a doll at her little pink and gold birthday party. We held it at Davanni's and invited our family and some of our closest friends. Thank you everyone who was able to make it! It meant a lot to us that you came out to help celebrate Halle's first year! She's so lucky to have so many people that love her in her life! 


One of the things that I did this year that was different than in the past, was instead of having a guestbook, I had people fill out a "Well Wishes" letter to Halle! It was so fun, and super sweet to see everyone's responses! What I plan on doing is putting all of them into a scrapbook for her, in lieu of a guestbook, for her to keep and read years later. Some of our favorite entries:

I hope you learn to: love yourself, see the best in others, ask questions and embrace learning, work hard, sleep soundly, become a black belt in karate, and be confident. (Not surprisingly, 5 people wrote "dance." lol.)
I hope you respect: your body and mind, yourself (lots of those), and your parents (also lots of those).
I hope you become: superwoman, a mommy like your mommy, confident, strong and independent, wealthy (3 people said that - lol - this family), anything you want to be (the most common wish).

It was fun, even though Halle was a bit overwhelmed by all her loving guests!! We had about 30 people make it, and a lot of Noelle's little friends were there. She definitely had a blast - she asked for Halle to have another birthday party once we were home. Haha.

My mom and Joey's mom.

Halle and Ellie. The cousins are amazing. So blessed.

Old and good friends! I love that Annie and Gaotah always come help celebrate Jessie and my kid's milestones although they don't have kiddos themselves. Sweet friends.

Family! The Wagner clan.

Grandpa with his girlies.


Us if we had two boys instead of our two girls! Haha. Hudson and Henry are so sweet!

With our birthday girl.

BFF! Soon Myla's little sister Addie will be here, and Halle and Addie can be the next generation of besties! :)

The men.

The kids had a crazy bash! They loved it.

Halle's biggest admirer, Jay!

Matt and Henry!

My mom and aunt!

Auntie Susan loves her Halle.

I love the little group of friends playing together in their little circle, aww.

Happy Birthday sweet Halle! Your first year has been one of my best! Here's to so many more sweet angel!

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