April 6, 2015

Easter Eggstravaganza 2015!

We had a truly special and great Easter this year! If you know me, you know I LOVE holidays so I always go big with all of them. Easter is no exception, we started celebrating all things Easter and spring almost a month ago! 

Here are our eggs this year. Turned out pretty great!

Drawing on our eggs first with crayon so our eggs would be extra pretty.

Noelle had so much fun dying eggs this year - we did it three times! She just loves it. Easter is her favorite holiday because she just loves dying eggs and opening eggs up. Of course, she doesn't know the true meaning behind Easter yet, but she will some day! (We did introduce her to some children's Bible stories, and Easter stories on Steele House Media. I thought they were really good, but I think some of it still was too hard for a 3 year old to process. I find it personally very difficult to explain to such a young child why Jesus died for us. She kept asking, "Jesus die?" and I knew waiting another year was a good idea, lol. Great resource though!)

I just used food coloring and water, and since I only had red, blue, and yellow, it was a great lesson on primary colors making secondary colors.

Here we are Round 2! 

Noelle made these cute little bunnies for our door! We also made a few extra to give to grandparents.

Noelle and bestie Myla also had a fun play date the past week. I had Easter lesson plans ready to go for daycare, but the family that was starting post poned a week, so I thought I'd do the lessons with Noelle and Myla instead! Halle joined in on the fun, although, she hasn't gotten coloring down yet. Hehe. Practice makes perfect though!

Halle's dotted bunny, haha! She really tries though...she likes to mimic what the big girls are doing all the time!

 Noelle's bunny! She wouldn't let me write her name on it for her in the bottom right hand corner, because she did it herself. Clearly. ;)

Myla's! She made him some spots!! Haha, cute!

Dying Easter eggs yet again! It's always better with a friend!

 Then we made cute little Easter baskets for them to put their eggs in! All you have to do is use a paper plate, do a little cutting, and taping!

I am not surprised that Myla made green eggs and Noelle made pink. LOL. Myla's more of the tomboy, and Noelle is more of the girly girl.

 Counting and showing off their eggs.

Thank God for best friends!

 Of course, knowing me, the Queen Cookie Monster, we made Easter cookies! Unlike Christmas, I only made one batch. For everyone that knows me, you know, I make cookies ALL season long for Christmas!! 

 On Saturday before Easter Sunday, we took Gavin for the morning so his parents could move into their new house (yippee!! Also neighbors now!) I took Gavin and Noelle to New Brighton's Rotary Club's Easter egg hunt. It was their 65th year, and it was awesome! The kids had a BLAST!!

Ready to hunt for some eggs!

 Hugs from the bunny first!!

 Look at all those eggs! Ready, set...go!!

 Noelle goes, "Mommy, I wasn't too fast. I didn't get a lot of eggs. The other kids were fast and got all my eggs. I will be fast next time." Awww. It was so sweet. She wasn't even bummed. She loved her first real egg hunt! (And yes, some of the other kids were really fast! Noelle came out with 5 eggs...some kids had like, 20! LOL.)

 Nine eggs for Gavin! Good work buddy!

 Going through their treats and picking out the icky jelly beans (the black ones), haha.

 Scoping out their new Easter baskets and goodies!

They loved their new little chipmunks they got! Gavin named his Scottie (his uncle's name, haha) and Noelle named her's Flowery. 

Mommy hard at work! I stuffed 30 eggs with treats, princess underwear, socks, necklaces, and hair accessories! 

 Their baskets!

 This was our first Easter at the new house, so it was so fun to be able to hide eggs in the backyard!

The world's easiest trail, for Baby Halle, haha!

 "Yaaaaassss I found the goods!"

Noelle looking for all her eggs! She was way faster this time, although she didn't have to be, since there was no competition at her own house, haha.

 So happy.

"I got all the eggs mama!"

 "Open these pacis for me, will ya?"

 She neatly put all her new underwear in a pile, haha.

 My really poorly done cinnamon bunnies, hahaha. Pinterest gone wrong.

Wait, what's that?! Easter treats from Grandma Sue too? Noelle got Sky, her new favorite doggy from Paw Patrol! She opened it and all she kept on saying was "I show Myla! I show Myla!" (Myla was the one who showed Paw Patrol to Noelle, and they play Paw Patrol together.)

Watching the Easter episode of Paw Patrol with her new friend.  

Halle already to go to Great Grandma Ethel's for Easter dinner!

 My little bunnies.

 Great Grandma Ethel and Halle!

What a fantastic Easter it was! We had so much fun, and so much to be thankful for. Joey and I have yet to decide which church we want to attend in our community, so we didn't go to service this year, but watched a few different ones online. We're so excited and happy to be spending these holidays together, as a family. So blessed to have our lives, each other, and our beautiful and healthy girls. Thank God and Jesus.

Love and peace to all! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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  1. Such adorable pictures!!! Those easter cookies looked scrumptious. I want one now. And Myla is going to be way too pumped up over Noelle's new Skye! How fun :)


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