April 20, 2015

Competition Season

It's that time again, comp session! 

Halle all set to go to her first dance competition!

With Joey being a former dancer, his step-mom being Michele Larkin, and our three nieces in competitive dance -- we take dance seriously! We usually attend at least one of the major dance competitions each year, and/or watch them live online. This year was fun because it was Vivi's first competition year (she was in 2 numbers in the age 4 division), and this competition was her very first (Hall of Fame Regionals). Of course Ellie and Ava were in a huge slew of numbers, solos, small groups, and duets. ;) They are Wagners after all. ;)

Halle, Ellie, Alyssa, Noelle, and Ava!

Noelle absolutely loves going to competitions. She LOVES to watch dance, whether her cousins are in the numbers or not. This year she was pretty excited to watch Vivi. She sat front row during Vivi's numbers and soaked it all in. Vivi did awesome!

Ellie on stage during her solo.

Of course Ellie and Ava kicked butt, as they usually do. Ava got 3rd overall for her solo in the junior division (she's only 9.) Ellie got 2nd overall for one of her solo's in the teen division (even though she is only 12 years old.) And Ellie's small group got #1! They always do amazing at each competition, and this one was no exception. I'm always so proud of my nieces. I cry every time I watch them. 

Halle and Ellie!

Noelle was so excited because Ellie let her come on stage with her during awards. She thought it was so cool. :) Our girls are so lucky to have the sweetest, most loving, older cousins to look up to and grow with!

With Grandma Shel!

These videos are not from HOF (although you can see them on their website), but are from nuvo (the competition they did before HOF), but are their numbers. They are phenomenal!

Ava's solo.

Ellie's solo.

Ellie's small group that took 1st place.

Ava's small group hip hop.

Ava's small group contemporary.

During awards! 

Watching the rest of the competition online all weekend.

It was a fun event for us all! Even if they both look very disgruntled here, lol. Love my girls, and hope they are blessed with the love and gift of dance!

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  1. So cool! Watching some clips of those videos makes me miss dance so much! And cross my fingers that Myla wants to dance someday too :) We all know Noelle will!


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