April 20, 2015

Bitty Best Friends!

I love that my girls have had the opportunities that they have to already start developing close relationships!! Noelle in particular has spent lots of time with Myla, who is very clearly her best friend. They play so well together, have a lot of the same interests, and just are super comfortable together. Besides her cousin Vivi, Myla is her first choice play date. We are super lucky because Myla lives down the street! YAY!! I see so many memories in their future! :)

 Myla's mommy, (Hilary, who is becoming one of my sweetest friends) sent me this picture when Noelle was at their house and I almost died from the cuteness. Ugh. LOVE!

Princesses + Paw Patrol pups...of course! LOL. 


I started daycare as well, and little Ella that comes over is the same age as Halle! They are so itty bitty, but they get to spend LOTS of time together growing and playing, so I think they will naturally grow to become good friends! Noelle used to come with me when I nannied for Evan and Amery, and Evan was close to her age - they become best friends. They particularly were siblings. They played, fought, shared, and cared for one another just like brother and sister. I love the relationship they gained from me nannying for their family, and we still have good relationships with them, and have play dates. 

Ella and Halle at the park!

Target trip! (She had socks, at one point.)

Community center!

It's so wonderful seeing your kids gain valuable friendships!

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