April 6, 2015

Birthday Girl's 1st Year Stats

Baby Halle on her birthday morning!! Yay for cinnamon rolls!

Our little sweetie is already 1 years old!! That year just about FLEW by!! We now have a little toddler on our hands, that is wild, curious, ambitious, funny, and oh so charming!! She is the kid that will dive off the cliff first, will climb the highest on all the trees, the daredevil that will risk it all for a thrill. She's one years old, but she thinks she is much older. We constantly catch her mimicking her older sister, and trying to do everything Noelle does! She's so fun, and so, so sweet. Halle's always smiling, cheesing, and laughing. What a blessing this child is.

Nicknames: Baby Halle, Hal, Baby Hay Hay, Belly, Halle Balle
Favorite books: The Wheels on the Bus, If I Were a Puppy, pretty much any touch and feel book.
Favorite shows: Dora & Friends In the City (She just really, really, likes the theme song When it comes on, she starts bouncing up and down, laughing, and pointing. She also waves her arms in the air. Hilarious.)
Favorite songs: Definitely The Wheels on the Bus, You are my Sunshine, and Lavender's Blue.
Favorite foods: Applesauce, yogurt, finger foods, french fries, french toast sticks.
Favorite activities: Playing with Noelle, and watching Noelle. She basically wants to do whatever Noelle is doing.

Things she can do:
Pull herself up and stand.
Stand alone for a few seconds.
Walks with assistance.
Sucks baby food out of the pouch packets.
Eats with a spoon and fork. (She actually will ONLY eat with utensils. She gets super mad when you try to spoon feed her yourself. She is super independent. Wants to do everything her sister does. She also wants to eat with forks and spoons, even when it would be much easier just to use her fingers. She tries constantly to pick up her sandwich with her fork, lol.)
Turns pages in books.
Comb her and Noelle's hair.
Poops in the potty. (No, we're not potty training. She just likes to sit on the potty. I think it's hard for her to poop sitting down now because her poops are much more solid. She see's her sister, and she wants to do it too. She sits on it, bears down, and it comes out so much easier than when she's in a diaper. She has seriously pooped on the potty 3x since her 1st birthday (about a week ago)! We're going to give elimination communication another try! It might work on this kid!)

She's still not a good sleeper. She wakes up 2-4x a night during the 10 hour stretch.
However, thankfully, she takes 2 naps a day. 1x in the morning for about an hour, and then from 1:30-3:30pm.

New loves:
Playing with her new baby friend, Ella.
Soft, fluffy blankets.

22 pounds. ( 1lb heavier than Noelle at this age.)
27 inches. (3 inches shorter than Noelle at this age.)
Size 4 diapers. (Same.)
Size 3 shoes. (One size smaller than Noelle was.)
18 months, or 18-24 months clothes. (One size larger than Noelle.)
0 teeth. (Noelle had 6!)

 Combing sissy's hair.

No new words yet! She's slow on the talking! She still only says Mama, Dada, and she tries to say Dora all the time. She's obsessed with the Dora theme song. She always go, "Duh! Duh!" when it's on the TV.

Personality traits:
Easy going.

It's been a wonderful first year with you baby Halle! We love you sooooo much! Here's to another great year!! xoxo

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