April 20, 2015

A Tanglewood Play Date

A couple weekends ago I had a mom's and kids only play date at our house with my friends that are in a mom group with me. Our group talks about our insane kid problems, horror stories, hilarious stories, and we just try to support each other. They are a wonderful group of women and moms, and what's fun is that we've all been friends or connected somehow in our past before we had kids. (We all are also Mounds View alumni and more than half of us will have our children enrolled at in MV district!) Our backyard proved to be the PERFECT spot for our play date.

 7 Moms. 11 kids.

 It definitely got a little chaotic. LOL.

 Playing hard!

 Mr. Hudson!



Harper pushing Halle!




 Noelle and little cousin Lucy.

 Cousin love!! Harrison and Noelle!

 Girly fun!

 Baby Halle wants to join in!

Can't wait for the next play date!

P.S The mom's met the following weekend for a mom's only date! Much needed!

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