April 4, 2015

A Daddy's Birthday!

April 1st was Joey's birthday, so we Wagner gals had to celebrate our favorite man! Joey's drink of choice is a Jameson ginger ale, so I made him a special "cake" this year. ;)

Noelle was persistent on daddy having a "hockey" birthday party so we made him some hockey cupcakes. (Tried to, anyways. LOL.) Noelle thinks all birthday parties are themed now because each one that I have done, or that she has gone to has had a theme, so she thought it was really weird when daddy's party didn't have a theme. She pushed for this hockey party! :)

Mini Oreos for the punks, and Kit Kat bars for the hockey sticks! These were cookie and cream cupcakes, so although they were delish, they kind of looked funny! This would have worked better on plain white frosted cupcakes, but that's okay! It worked well enough, and tasted great! :)

We also stopped by Joey's work with donuts for him and his coworkers, and also a card from the girls, balloons (carried in by Noelle), and a Starbucks for daddy! He's definitely loved!
Here the girls are giving daddy his gift. We got him a new Sonicare toothbrush! LOL! Now he can brush up his smile after having those sugary cupcakes! 

Happiest of birthdays to my hubby and best friend!

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