April 20, 2015


Lately I can tell that Noelle and Halle are starting to develop a real bond. First off, Halle absolutely worships Noelle. She is her shadow and wants to do everything Noelle does. She skips right over her baby toys and wants to play with Noelle's toys, read Noelle's books, and she just likes everything Noelle likes. She thinks that Noelle is hilarious, and is constantly laughing at her.

Not to say that Halle is always the sweetest, doting sister. She also knows how to push Noelle's buttons, because that also is funny to her. Haha! She likes to tick Noelle off, and then she crawls away (fast) laughing. She can be a little turd in that way, but it's so cute, because really, she thinks they are playing a little game. A game that she finds hilarious, and Noelle doesn't. 

Noelle is constantly annoyed with Halle, lol. She is always going "UGH! NO Baby Halle!" and "I don't want you with me right now!" However, whenever Halle is missing her first reaction is, "Where's Baby Halle?" or "Where's my baby?" She also always wants to be close to Halle when they are out in public. She never leaves her sisters side, and is very, very protective of her. While at home, Noelle may take a toy from Halle, when they are in public and anyone mistreats Halle, Noelle is there right away protecting her. She will run up and tattle saying, "Mommy! Mommy! That boy took Baby Halle's toy! He can't take Baby Halle's toy! Get it back for she!" LOL. (Yes, the she/her thing hasn't clicked yet.)

 They crack me up because they are just opposites. Noelle has always been serious, reserved, shy, timid, and quiet. Halle is outgoing, wild, and adventurous. Noelle loves her alone time, and can play quietly by herself or read books alone for hours. She doesn't want to be disturbed. Halle on the other hand needs constant attention and entertainment. She gets bored and wants someone to be with her constantly. Together it's very funny to watch. Noelle wants to read her books quietly by herself - so you can imagine the explosion when Halle comes on over to join her.

I am so happy that they have each other. I never had a sister so I don't know what to compare it to, but I always wanted a sister growing up. I always imagined having an instant friend, who even if I fought with, would always understand and connect with. They will always have each other when their parents just don't get them (lol), or when they want to share makeup tips, or go shopping with someone, or share clothes. They will also have each other when they are grounded and can't go see their friends. They will have each other when they are stuck with each other on road trips and family vacations. They will have each other to grow old with. They hopefully will dance together! There are so many things they will have together, and I am so happy and excited for them.

I can only pray over and over for them that their relationship grows closer and strong. 

I love these two so, so much.

Bitty Best Friends!

I love that my girls have had the opportunities that they have to already start developing close relationships!! Noelle in particular has spent lots of time with Myla, who is very clearly her best friend. They play so well together, have a lot of the same interests, and just are super comfortable together. Besides her cousin Vivi, Myla is her first choice play date. We are super lucky because Myla lives down the street! YAY!! I see so many memories in their future! :)

 Myla's mommy, (Hilary, who is becoming one of my sweetest friends) sent me this picture when Noelle was at their house and I almost died from the cuteness. Ugh. LOVE!

Princesses + Paw Patrol pups...of course! LOL. 


I started daycare as well, and little Ella that comes over is the same age as Halle! They are so itty bitty, but they get to spend LOTS of time together growing and playing, so I think they will naturally grow to become good friends! Noelle used to come with me when I nannied for Evan and Amery, and Evan was close to her age - they become best friends. They particularly were siblings. They played, fought, shared, and cared for one another just like brother and sister. I love the relationship they gained from me nannying for their family, and we still have good relationships with them, and have play dates. 

Ella and Halle at the park!

Target trip! (She had socks, at one point.)

Community center!

It's so wonderful seeing your kids gain valuable friendships!

Competition Season

It's that time again, comp session! 

Halle all set to go to her first dance competition!

With Joey being a former dancer, his step-mom being Michele Larkin, and our three nieces in competitive dance -- we take dance seriously! We usually attend at least one of the major dance competitions each year, and/or watch them live online. This year was fun because it was Vivi's first competition year (she was in 2 numbers in the age 4 division), and this competition was her very first (Hall of Fame Regionals). Of course Ellie and Ava were in a huge slew of numbers, solos, small groups, and duets. ;) They are Wagners after all. ;)

Halle, Ellie, Alyssa, Noelle, and Ava!

Noelle absolutely loves going to competitions. She LOVES to watch dance, whether her cousins are in the numbers or not. This year she was pretty excited to watch Vivi. She sat front row during Vivi's numbers and soaked it all in. Vivi did awesome!

Ellie on stage during her solo.

Of course Ellie and Ava kicked butt, as they usually do. Ava got 3rd overall for her solo in the junior division (she's only 9.) Ellie got 2nd overall for one of her solo's in the teen division (even though she is only 12 years old.) And Ellie's small group got #1! They always do amazing at each competition, and this one was no exception. I'm always so proud of my nieces. I cry every time I watch them. 

Halle and Ellie!

Noelle was so excited because Ellie let her come on stage with her during awards. She thought it was so cool. :) Our girls are so lucky to have the sweetest, most loving, older cousins to look up to and grow with!

With Grandma Shel!

These videos are not from HOF (although you can see them on their website), but are from nuvo (the competition they did before HOF), but are their numbers. They are phenomenal!

Ava's solo.

Ellie's solo.

Ellie's small group that took 1st place.

Ava's small group hip hop.

Ava's small group contemporary.

During awards! 

Watching the rest of the competition online all weekend.

It was a fun event for us all! Even if they both look very disgruntled here, lol. Love my girls, and hope they are blessed with the love and gift of dance!

A Tanglewood Play Date

A couple weekends ago I had a mom's and kids only play date at our house with my friends that are in a mom group with me. Our group talks about our insane kid problems, horror stories, hilarious stories, and we just try to support each other. They are a wonderful group of women and moms, and what's fun is that we've all been friends or connected somehow in our past before we had kids. (We all are also Mounds View alumni and more than half of us will have our children enrolled at in MV district!) Our backyard proved to be the PERFECT spot for our play date.

 7 Moms. 11 kids.

 It definitely got a little chaotic. LOL.

 Playing hard!

 Mr. Hudson!



Harper pushing Halle!




 Noelle and little cousin Lucy.

 Cousin love!! Harrison and Noelle!

 Girly fun!

 Baby Halle wants to join in!

Can't wait for the next play date!

P.S The mom's met the following weekend for a mom's only date! Much needed!

MN Tot Spots: Woodloch Stable

I have been just horrible at blogging lately! I've been living life, and life is just busy! A couple weekends ago we were invited to a 4 year old's birthday party (our friend Willow) and we were privileged to experience one of the coolest parties we've ever been to! Willow had her pony themed party at Woodloch Stable, where the kids got to take pony rides and PAINT the ponies! It was a really unique and fun party for the kiddos!

First time at a stable and the first time up close and personal with ponies and horses!

She was persistent on riding "Cupcake." :)

Gavin and Noelle!

So excited to ride her first pony!

First pony ride!!

She had so much fun! She wasn't afraid at all, like she was last summer when I tired to get her to ride a pony at the Renaissance Festival. She was super excited, and was impatiently waiting her turn!

Gavin and Noelle got to ride side by side. :)

She hopped off and the first thing she said was, "I want to ride again. I want to ride Nugget now." (Nugget was the one Gavin rode.)

Eyeing the treats. 

Woodloch Stable was really awesome. They have a great area to hold your private party!

The three amigos.

They were really interested in the cat. Poor cat. 

Getting ready to paint ponies!

You can tell the kids were excited, I've never seen such young kids listen to directions so well before, haha.

Painting Nugget!

She thought it was so fun!

"I want to paint his nails, mom."


They look so old, haha.


It was such a great time! Noelle had a blast, as did all the other kids. Happy Birthday dear Willow, and thank you for introducing us to such a great stable!! I think we will definitely be back for pony rides!
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