March 10, 2015

MN Tot Spots: Playlend

At the toy swap.
Over this past weekend I had the opportunity to join some of my fellow mom bloggers at a Toy Swap that was hosted by Toylend and Non-Toy Gifts. Getting to swap some of our used toys was great, meeting Stef from Non-Toy Gifts and Dr. Elizabeth Wilcox from Toylend was even more great, but the greatest thing was discovering Playlend!

So, background: Dr. Elizabeth Wilcox is the founder and owner of Toylend, which is an amazing business that you can rent toys from, with a flat rate delivery charge (to anywhere in the Twin Cities)! Toylend offers everything from baby gear, to fine and gross motor skill toys, and everything in between. They offer memberships, discounted rates for toys that are borrowed for longer periods, and have toys rotating in and out. The toys on their website are only roughly 15% of Elizabeth's inventory!

I was deeply impressed by her business, and know that I'm going to use it! But back to Playlend. This was where the toy swap event took place, and it's another part of Elizabeth's ever growing business. It is a wonderful, clean, warm, inviting home that she owns that is full of toys, equipment, a huge bouncy castle, and books for little ones to use! She has the whole condominium child friendly, right down to the little furniture, potty chairs, step stools, etc. and each room offers lots of toys to explore. Downstairs is a full kitchen that you can use!

I love that you can bring your own food and use all the amenities! Elizabeth said you can even go ahead and cook there! What!? Love it.

Reading nook!

How nice - a quieter play room with some baby toys, and a changing area!

Check out all these toys the kids can use!

Bouncy house, in a house! Blows my mind! :)

Cozy and cute!

Love the educational touches!

Playlend is an extension of Toylend, by also being a rental! You can rent the whole house for events, birthday parties, meetings, or just for your kids to play! Think of it as a private playhouse! As of right now you can rent the house out by hours, but soon Toylend members will have access to Playlend more frequently. Elizabeth also has open houses for Playlend at the end of each month! I'm looking forward to bringing my girls there! (Also, how about an awesome place to hold a birthday party!? The comforts of home...but NOT at your house! LOL. You can bring your own food, drinks, decorations, but don't have to worry about the crazy rental costs or the entertainment!)

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