March 1, 2015

Little Miss Popular

This past week and last weekend was a super jam packed one...for Noelle, that was (okay, me too)! Little Miss Popular had all sorts of friends over this past week! Before that though, she started last weekend off with a bang. She had her first EVER, sleepover away from home, without us! She slept over at Grandpa Joe's with her cousin Vivi! Grandpa and Shel told us that the girls did their hair, danced all over the living room, watched a Barbie movie, and giggled themselves to sleep. Noelle's getting so big! We're so blessed that Noelle has a cousin the same age as her! There's no doubt they will grow together and become best friends.

The week continued with Willow coming over when she had the day off school. Dawn still had some work to get done, so I told her to send Willow on over for some fun with Noelle! The girls colored, did some glitter painting, had a pillow fight, among other things. It's so good to have so many friends that live near by!

Popsicles after lunch! 

It's kind of embarrassing that my child is always in pajamas, but, oh well. ;)

Our good friends, the Pounds had a wedding on Sunday night, so to help them out we took Mr. Gavin for the evening! The kids had so much fun together! They literally played together the whole entire time. The great thing about these two is that they get along and communicate with each other so well! The never argue, fight over toys, or take things from each other. They do things together, and can talk to each other.

Mounds View Mustangs, class of 2029!

 The kids also wanted to take a bath, so in the tub they went! They were not fazed for one second over their different anatomy. Oh, how nice it is to be young and to not notice such things! (Although, Noelle did stare initially, lol.)

Our other good friends, the Jose's are in the process of moving (downt he street from us, yay!!), so to help out, I had Myla at our house for two mornings! (I know how rough it is to try to move with a little one that needs constant attention!) Myla and Noelle are totally already besties. They are both girly and like similar things, so it really helps! While some of Noelle's other friends aren't as intrigued by Barbies, or dress up, Myla is! The girls dressed up as princesses, played dollhouse, played Barbies, watched Sofia and Doc, and just had a blast together.

Pajama rama!

 Big bows and Barbies!

 These two pampered princesses got to relax with their own tray, complete with drinks and goodies served to them while they watched Sofia! Spoiled!

Sofia the First and Ariel playing trains!

 Day 2...working on some masterpieces!

Reading books together! AWW!! (My kid is always in pajamas.)

They also played 500 Sophia Grace and Rosie songs, and practiced their dance moves all over the living room! Myla also dances at Larkin right now in the Mommy and Me class, so fingers crossed that these two will dance together in the future! Look at how sweet they are in their little leotards! :)

Here's to friends!!

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