March 1, 2015

Happy Halle's 11 Months!

Dear Halle,
In one month you will be ONE year old! I can't believe that the time is already here to celebrate your first year of life! So much has happened! You've grown so much!

You are still just the sweetest babe around town. Your smile could melt anyone's frozen heart. You have so much fun in your bath, love being carried around, and want to be near your sister at all times. You think she's the coolest.

You still only say "mama" and "dada" but you can shake or nod or head, in the right context! That's pretty cute, and funny too! We can't believe it but you always are right on. If we ask if you are hungry, or if you pooped, you can always give us the right answer, lol.

You are starting to really grow up. You have interests now. You enjoy touch and feel books. You like to play with Little People, and mommy's phone. You love playing with musical toys that make noise. You love music in general. You like to watch shows with your sister, but only if there's music involved. Once there's just dialogue you move along with your day. 

Speaking of moving around, you are crawling super fast all over the house. We usually don't go up and down the stairs, so you don't get much practice going up and down them, like Noelle did at our last townhouse, but one day you did surprise me when you went up 4 stairs by yourself! You also are great at cruising along furniture. You can pull yourself up and sit yourself back down really good now.

You still eat like a trucker! You have 3 solid meals a day, 2-3 snacks, and still 1-2 bottles a day. You eat EVERYTHING and seem to enjoy it all. I've yet to see you really not like something. You also love to feed yourself finger foods. You get super mad when I try to feed you myself. You also don't care for baby food anymore. You are over the mush! Although you like to suck down fruit pouches!

Last month mommy took you to the sleep center to try to figure out your sleep issues. We were told that you have behavioral insomnia, so we put you on a strict compression sleep plan, and also eliminated night time feedings! Without the night feedings, mommy naturally was weaned from breastfeeding. So now you and I are done with nursing! It was a good 11 month run! :) 

The sleep training helped A LOT. Although it has made you more fussy (because you are more tired during the day), you're sleep at night has improved vastly! You wake up far less now, and you do not except to be fed at all odd hours of the night. Although, we've seen an increase in your addiction to your paci! Uh oh. If it's not one thing, it's another!

Here we are at 11 months, and girlfriend, you still have ZERO teeth! It's hilarious! Noelle had 6 teeth by 12 months, so we will see if you even get any by your first birthday! Personally, I love your gummy smile and I wouldn't trade it in for anything so I'm actually quite happy that you still have no chompers. :) It makes you still look like my wee little babe!

Because of your increased fussiness, and lack of teeth, we can only assume the worst is coming for us. So in preparation we got you an early birthday present, an amber teething necklace! We've heard so much about them, but never used one on Noelle. Your sister was a pretty good champ at the whole teething business and usually Orajel and ibuprofen would keep her happy. You have been so crabby though that we figured it wouldn't hurt to try the necklace! Besides, it looks super cute on you!

I'm sad that in just one short month you will become a legitimate toddler, and no longer my little baby. While I love the idea of you totting around and following your sister, I'll miss these days. Just remember, how much I'll always love you, and no matter how old you are, 3, 5, 10, 16, will always be my little baby!!

We love you so much Halle!
Happy 11 months doll!

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