March 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Miss Halle!!

After I had Noelle, my heart was so full. I had never loved the way that I loved Noelle, and I couldn't imagine splitting or sharing that love in anyway. My days started with her, and ended with her. Joey felt the same way. After serious thoughts, we were ready to be a small, cozy, family of 3. We loved our life, and our only child. God had other plans for us! After only 4 days of learning that we were expecting another baby, we settled on the name Halle, (even though we didn't know then we would have another girl). Halle means, "unexpected delight" or "pleasant surprise" and she has been just that! After 9 months of a super easy and nice pregnancy, and pushing for all of 3 minutes, our sweet, sweet Halle was born a year ago today. She has been more than a blessing. This girl smiles wide upon everyone she meets, laughs constantly, and just BEAMS. I was wrong, my heart was capable of more love. My heart has not split, but has grown. I thank God every day for Halle - the best surprise of my life. Here's to you baby girl. Happy 1st Birthday Halle Yen!

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