March 16, 2015

Come on, Spring!!

I just heard on the news that we might be expecting SNOW FLURRIES in the next few days! Oh say it isn't so!!! We have been having the most WONDERFUL spring break around here! Here are a few photos from our sunshine filled days outdoors!

 Noelle being a dutiful older sister!

We are really enjoying our super large deck!

I love the fresh air!

 Beep beep!

Asleep in her stroller one morning while on a little stroll with mama.

Gorgeous day with my gorgeous mini.

Bundled up and ready for anything!

At the park with my lil' cheetah girl!

I'm number 1!

Family date at the park!

My little Rainbow Dash.

My peeps are too cute.

 Joey only had to do this, oh, like 6 times, lol.

Is that you spring? 

 Practicing her kicks! We may be signing up for some Little League Soccer!

Sporting her maxi one of the nicest days last week!

 Under the sea!

Here's to beautiful weather! Come on, Spring!!

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