March 10, 2015

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Tips

So, as everyone knows, our baby Halle doesn't really sleep. Lol. The horrible little sleeper had to go to the sleep specialist, and had to be compression sleep trained, in order to even sleep in increments of time. Well, on and off since the sleep training, even though we have followed every rule and detail advised to us, the baby still does not sleep well! She doesn't sleep well, much less through the night. Here we are at almost one years old! Also, on top of that she has no teeth!

Joey and I really started thinking that teething HAD to be a problem associated with her sleep. How could it not? Maybe she's mad teething, like multiples are coming in all at once? Something has to be up because of her lack of teeth! Our Happy Halle is much grouchier than normal, way fussy in the evenings, clingy during the day, and keeps on crying out at night! She wails, screams, has red cheeks, drools, and so forth. Pretty much all the teething symptoms.

But it's been going on for months and still no teeth. We just didn't know what to do. Enter the baltic amber teething necklace. Okay, so have you heard about this? Apparently true, baltic amber releases succinic acid that is absorbed into the skin and acts as a natural healing oil. It enters the bloodstream and  boosts your child's immune system, reduces inflammation, and accelerates the healing as teething progresses. It's been used as a traditional healing tool for generations.

Joey and I were VERY skeptical. How could a necklace with amber beads do this? And did we really believe that the concentration of the oils in the beads would actually be enough to make a difference? We just simply did not believe it. However, out of desperation, and after exhausting so many other options, we decided to purchase a necklace JUST TO SEE. We had heard from a couple friends that swore by their necklace. So we thought, why not?

You guys. After day 1 of wearing it, she SLEPT. She slept almost through the whole night - only getting up ONCE briefly. Day 2, she was not only sleeping but HAPPY again! Happy Halle was back! No more fussing, crying, or being clingy! She went back to playing like her jolly old self! Day 3 and 4 were also super successful. At this point I didn't know what to believe. So I tried testing out the amber to make sure that it was even true amber. I didn't try the heating tests, in fear of damaging the necklace, but I did do the saltwater test and it worked. After 7 successful days, Grandma Sue (the biggest skeptic) took the necklace in to her jewelers to have it examined. Yep. Real amber. Not the highest quality, but still real. His verdict? Whether or not the succinic acid really helps with teething, if it's working for Halle, keep it on. You almost won't believe it, but that day when Sue took the necklace...Halle didn't nap. No joke.

So, do we have a new addiction? Yes, probably. We probably won't take the sucker off until she has all her teeth, lol, but so what!? It's so cute. She looks like a little hippie child. :)

Here are my tips though if you want to give the amber teething necklace a try:

  • Get a raw amber necklace. This is the one thing we did not invest in. We were in a rush and desperate so we purchased one at pacifier in Minneapolis. They only sell the polished version. If I were to purchase a new one, I would go raw and unpolished because if it works because of the oils released from the amber, wouldn't it make sense for the amber to be in it's natural state, and unpolished?
  • Every once in a while, let it sit in sunlight. I don't do this often but I do think it "recharges" the beads a little bit. The way the amber works, is that it releases the oils when the beads are heated up. That's why when worn on the skin, the natural warmth of the skin releases the oils. The sun acts the same way, releasing more of the succinic acid.
  • Make sure you purchase from an authentic baltic company. There are many counterfeit ambers out there because it's such an easy resin to duplicate. True baltic amber companies will send you a certificate of the amber's authenticity. Test your beads upon purchase!
  • Remove the necklace when your baby is sleeping to prevent choking/strangling. What we do at night is wrap the necklace around her ankle to make a little anklet and then either dress her in footie pajamas or put socks on her feet to prevent the anklet from falling off. 
  • It's okay if worn in bathtub. The warmth from the natural steam heats the beads up the same way the sun does, actually resulting in better absorption!

Here are some links I found useful:
Amber Artisan's - A company selling great products and has lots of useful info!
Amber Teething Necklace - Lots of information.

We have owned the necklace for two weeks now and LOVE it. I recharge it every once in a while but usually never remove it. She's just so much happier with it on! It controls her fussiness and she sleeps SO much better! It's amazing. I swear by it, and not just for teething! 

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