March 31, 2015

How to: Throw a Gold & Pink First Birthday Party

For Halle's first birthday party I started planning a couple (okay, a few) months beforehand. I knew I wanted to do something ultra girly and pink because I had done something really universal and gender neutral with Noelle's first birthday party. Seeing that this was my last child, and last girl, I wanted to go out as girly as possible. :) After a trip to Hobby Lobby, I found an awesome "baby's first year" picture frame that was gold and soft pink. I had to get it. Once I got it, I knew that was my theme: gold and pink.

I was inspired to keep with a soft, more vintage, shabby chic look. I made these banners myself with glitter cut out letters, and DIY Spritz banner kits from Target.

I knew that I wanted beautiful gold bottles with fresh flowers, but did not want to spend a ton of money on the decor. So we started collecting empty wine, beer, and various other liquor bottles months before the event. Our house looked like a frat house after a party, lol. I got some standard gold spray paint from Hobby Lobby and spray painted the bottles (plus some old picture frames, and a tutu holder) gold myself.

They turned out awesome! And it was so, so easy. Total cost: $10 for all the centerpieces.

On the day of the party I went to Trader Joe's and picked out some fresh flowers in soft pink, purple, and white. It was GORGEOUS!! I was really pleased.

Of course food labels. (We obviously had pizza, lol.)

 I ordered her cake from Wal-Mart, and they give you a free matching smash cake! Great, great deal. I think many places do this, including Byerly's and Target if you spend over a certain amount on your cake order.

That was the picture frame that inspired the whole look and feel of the party!! Love it.

For other decor I got balloons, framed pictures from Halle's first year photo shoot (which of course I tailored to match the party), her ultra sound picture, and a tassel banner with her cake smash pictures. I also made my own gold balloon weights because it was so much cheaper (and better looking) than the expensive ones from the party store. All I did was cover rocks from my hard with gold tissue paper and some wire.

Better look at the balloon weights. 

We had our party at Davanni's in their party room, which worked out perfectly for our party size. I also liked their wood panels! It matched great, and it was a perfect space to use, without ever previously being in it! I had never even dined at the location before and didn't even know what the room's set up was like, but it worked out awesome. 

Joey also helped me by cutting out this one from some cardboard boxes we had in the garage, and then I made a collage of photos from her first year. It turned out so cute, and it was a great way to display some of our favorite pictures!

On each table I had a few bottles with the flowers, and each table held a different memento from Halle's first this flip book with her pictures by month. Another table had her baby book, another a photo album, etc.

Instead of doing a traditional guestbook (I usually find a book that matches the theme of the party for people to sign) I went with something different. I decided to have everyone fill out a "Well Wishes" letter to Halle. I'm going to compile all the letters into a scrapbook for Halle. 

Here is what they looked like and the questions I used.

Halle also got her own little table lol. This happened because 1. I did not want to bring her high chair to the party, 2. Davanni's did not have a high chair with a tray. It ended up being cute. I just cut one of my long rectangle tablecloths in half, and then taped the sides of the cloth to the underside of the table so she couldn't tear the thing off. I also had to get one of those awesome giant gold number balloons. :)

She looked so cute at her throne.

It ended up being so beautiful and came together great. I'm happy with the results. :)
Good luck planning your own 1st birthday party!!

A lil Wagner Update

Yes, I am here. Still alive and kicking! I've been so MIA, and I feel awful about it!! Life has been a fast moving blur of constant action over here! I have, but yet, more life changes underway (more about that later), I'm enrolled in (finally) my last class before student teaching, my mom was in town from Texas, and Miss Halle had her party! Whew. It's been hectic! I'm ready for things to slow down just a little bit (will they though?!?) and for the nice weather to come. 

Noelle had a BLAST with my mom this past weekend. My mom flew in on Friday morning and stayed through the weekend to celebrate Halle's first. Noelle was obsessed with her. She wouldn't even let her go to theTh. bathroom alone, LOL. She also slept with my mom for naps and bed, and also begged for kisses and cuddles often. It was adorable.

A gal with her mama. 

Mornings with Dora and Grandma. 

Grandma's girls.

Grandma x2.

Halle had a wonderful birthday and party. I feel that she deserves her own post, lol, so I'll get to that later. :) Here are some recent pictures from life with the Wagners.

 Cousins having a little banana cake over at Grandpa Joe's.

A night out on the town, aka Chili's. Lol.

Practicing our scissor skills.

 A little pretend sleepover with friends! Myla and Poppy!

Dance is still going great! We moved Noelle to a different class during the week, which will perform in the Sunday (competition) night recital so she can perform in the same show as her cousins Ellie, Ava, and Vivi! She is loving it and getting SO much better!

"Writing" and illustrating her own book, lol. This is a new thing we've been doing and it's so cute.

Play date and lunch over at Myla's! (Aka her bestie.)

We went and saw Cinderella!! It was such a sweet mommy/daughter date! She did great and we loved the movie. It was so good!

As long as there was popcorn, we were good! 

When daddy's away, the girls will play! Mommy and her girlies out for a little bookshop, coffee, and treats date!

 I love making my girls match...Halle isn't that into it. LOL. Here we are at the studio watching the performing line. 

Hmmm....Nadia's Cupcakes!

Myla and Noelle being cute as ever.

Best friends.

Celebrating St. Patty's! (Not really, lol, but the girls ARE a teeny weeny bit Irish!)

Playdate and side ponies with Emma!

Tomorrow is Joey's birthday! So the girls and I have a lot of work cut out for us today/tomorrow before daddy gets home from work!! We have hockey cupcakes on the agenda, a ginger/jameson cake mommy has to make, and a couple of gifts to purchase! Nothing like waiting til last minute, right ladies? ;) See you soon!

March 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Miss Halle!!

After I had Noelle, my heart was so full. I had never loved the way that I loved Noelle, and I couldn't imagine splitting or sharing that love in anyway. My days started with her, and ended with her. Joey felt the same way. After serious thoughts, we were ready to be a small, cozy, family of 3. We loved our life, and our only child. God had other plans for us! After only 4 days of learning that we were expecting another baby, we settled on the name Halle, (even though we didn't know then we would have another girl). Halle means, "unexpected delight" or "pleasant surprise" and she has been just that! After 9 months of a super easy and nice pregnancy, and pushing for all of 3 minutes, our sweet, sweet Halle was born a year ago today. She has been more than a blessing. This girl smiles wide upon everyone she meets, laughs constantly, and just BEAMS. I was wrong, my heart was capable of more love. My heart has not split, but has grown. I thank God every day for Halle - the best surprise of my life. Here's to you baby girl. Happy 1st Birthday Halle Yen!

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