February 1, 2015

Toddler No More; I Have a Preschooler In My House

Although I do mention Noelle a lot and her every day shenanigans each week in my Week in Review, I thought I'd dedicate a whole post to her ever evolving personality! She is officially no longer a toddler, and such a preschooler. It's so strange how fast your kids grow up in such a short amount of time, and how much they learn, and the funny things they know and say! I'm amazed, and sometimes appalled
lol, each day!

If I could choose one word to describe age 2, it would have been "No." If I could choose one word to describe age 3, it has to be the word "Why?" Noelle literally questions EVERYTHING now. I am thrilled that she is so curious now and wants to know the answers to everything, but it can get exhausting!

She also has a crazy imagination now! She makes up crazy stories with her toys and dolls and likes to make up her own stories when she reads her books. She also plays Doc McStuffins all the time, and gives everyone and every stuffed animal in the house check ups. It's funny, because she LOVES anything that has to do with doctors, the doctor's office, or Doc McStuffins, but she actually does not watch that show! She's seen maybe a handful of episodes, and always says no if someone asks if she wants to watch it. She LOVES to play it, and loves to say she is Doc, but is not intrigued one bit by the show! She's so interesting! Noelle also likes to talk to her friends on the phone. Which means she is talking to herself (she does both sides of the conversation) into a plastic play phone. She cracks me up with her weird conversations. She also cover the phone, as if putting someone on hold, and say things like, "Daddy is on the phone. He's at work. He said he's coming home soon and then we can go have fun." Talk about paying attention to adult talk! She's such an observer. (And talk about EARS! She hears everything. We have to watch everything we say!! The other day she asked me what a boob job was. Oops. Lol.)

Her current favorite things are (still) her Little People, her Magic Clip dolls, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, Fancy Nancy, Minnie Mouse, Sofia the First, Wild Kratts, play-doh, Taylor Swift, and Sofia Grace and Rosie. She is BEYOND girly, and it's not all from me! Seriously, she is full on girl, and she is all on her own! She loves to play with "makeup," do her nails, brush her hair, do her dolls hair and dress them, wear dresses all the time, and says weird things like "That's not cute enough." !? This girl!

Noelle wants to pick out all her own clothes now, much to my dismay, so some of her outfit pickings are crazy. She also reaaally likes to shop, and will often want to shop for her own things too. I like to give her choices and some independence so sometimes I'll let her get what she wants, if it isn't TOO crazy or ugly (to me, lol) so now we have a collection of character clothes. I hate character clothes, but Noelle of course LOVES it, so I let it go. Life's too short and there are way too many battles to fight - clothes doesn't have to be one of them.

One of her new things is climbing up her bunk bed ladder. Once she slipped (towards the bottom thank goodness) and scared the hell out of Joey and I!! But she loves it. She thinks it's super cool now to go up on the top bunk with all her dolls or stuffed animals and play up there. She won't sleep up there (not that we would let her yet) but she plays up there probably every day.

Noelle is very aware of friends now. She used to not really care about friends or making friends, but now she asks about them all the time. Her favorite people to ask about and request play dates with are: Myla, Vivi,  Anya, Oliver, Hailey (a girl at school), and Xander (from school). She's aways telling me that "Xander is so funny." LOL. If I mention other friends, like Gavin, Willow, Amery, or Evan, she can recall a fact about them. She really remembers EVERYTHING. I still can't believe it but she for sure knows each one of her friends and can remember something either about their parents, their house, their toys, or something that happened between them when they played. It's truly remarkable how much kids change and absorb in just a year.

She's also been fully potty trained now for a couple of months and it's beyond exciting! It's so nice to not worry about accidents, checking her overnight, or dealing with pull-ups! We are officially done with all that and we can count on Noelle to let us know if she has to go no matter where we are.

One last thing that totally makes her no longer a toddler? She's going to preschool next year! Ah! Real preschool and ALL day! We are enrolling her 5 days a week and for 8 hours a day! My heart aches that she will be gone for so long, but next fall I'm planning on student teaching so we know that she needs all day care. We found an amazing preschool for us, and we think she will enjoy it.

The toddler years for Noelle are officially OVER! I have a preschooler in the house now! Crazy to think one little baby down! One more to go! Wow, so bittersweet!

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