February 22, 2015

Project Noelle Dresses Mommy

I was super intrigued as I was reading an article on an amazing mom named Summer who let her 3 year old son pick out her outfits for a week. Some of the outfits were dead cute, some were interesting, but she totally rocked it like only a mom can.

First, how fun! Second, how courageous! I mean, we see how 3 year olds dress themselves, and those outfits are crazy. They make it work though, because they are 3, and most anything a 3 year puts together looks adorable. That probably doesn't hold true for adults. Hah!

How many days do moms go out in the same yoga pants, or covered in their baby's vomit? I figure letting your 3 year old dress you can't be as bad as that. LOL

Anyways...I thought it was super cute and fun, and I've decided to let Noelle dress me as well! What a fun experiment. (Will I regret my words?!) Tomorrow marks day 1! Can't wait to post after this week. ;)

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