February 13, 2015

Let's Go Wild!!

Joey and Noelle had an awesome pre-Valentine's Day daddy/daughter date last night at the Minnesota Wild hockey game! Joey has always been a hardcore hockey fan, and our girls have been watching hockey since birth. Last minute, Joey had tickets and while we were thinking about going, we decided why not let Miss Noelle go?! She was so excited, and quickly changed into her Wild jeresy. 

She was SO excited to go with daddy!

First selfie Joey has EVER taken lol!! I had demanded lots and lots of pictures!

They got pretty lucky with these tickets...club level! It was perfect for Noelle because she got to sit in a chair with a table, instead of down below next to other people. 

Joey tried to teach her the ins and outs of hockey. He said she was pretty into it, and easily followed the game. However, there were some interruptions, like going potty, getting food, and walking around, lol.

She got a claw!!

Sure, daddy would get you cotton candy and M & M's for dinner!!! OMG! Lol.

Seriously it was so cute, and I'm so glad Noelle and Joey got to have some bonding time together. It makes my heart melt. Noelle had a great time, and I think she will probably be going to more games in her future!!

1 comment:

  1. So sweet! He did a good job taking pics! I love it. Mike says he can't wait to take Myla to sporting events too in the future. P.s. her wild jersey!!!


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