February 13, 2015

A Wagner Update!

As many of you may have noticed, I haven't been around! I have missed TWO "Week In Reviews" in a row...It has been so busy around here!

First off, we had some really big decisions to make about Noelle going to full or half time preschool next year. We decided that for the best interest of our family, I need to complete my student teaching this upcoming fall! Because of that, we are having Noelle go to FULL day preschool 5x a week!! This is a huge difference from initially putting her into a 2 or 3 day half day preschool. I'll be talking more about the preschool decision later!

Secondly, because we are planning on me student teaching in the fall, I've been having a lot of meetings and communication with Saint Mary's to determine my placement and licensing plans! Currently, I will be doing my practicum this Spring (in as soon as a month from now). In order to do that, is A LOT of paperwork! Then I have one last class to complete before May, and 8 MTLE (Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exams) tests to take before August! Oh my!! To say I'm a bit overwhelmed is an understatement!

We've also been SO preoccupied with Halle's compression sleep training! She's doing decent right now and we have a follow up appointment on Tuesday. More about that in a later post as well. Speaking of Halle, I'm putting all the finishing touches on her upcoming FIRST birthday! (Can you say BUSY.)

Lastly, in order to save enough money to supplement my income loss this upcoming fall, I've been working quite a bit! More than this mama would like...I miss my babies. I know in the end it will be worth it.

Any who, this is why I've been MIA!! I have so many upcoming posts coming up though to fill in all the gaps, so no worries about that! Until further notice, my "Weeks In Review" are taking a hiatus!

Hope everyone is doing well!

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