February 20, 2015

A Wagner Superbowl

To show you just how behind I am on posting, here's an entry about the Superbowl...(LOL, wasn't that weeks ago!? I'm not even sure when it was.) Last minute, (literally the night before) we decided to have some friends over for the Superbowl. We are not big football people (hockey and dance are our sports), so we didn't care too much about the actual game watching but we wanted a reason to "party" with some friends. So we had our friends the Bennetts, the Pounds, and Dawn and Willow, over for some Superbowl grub (chicken chili, buffalo chicken dip, other treats, etc.) and drinks! I can honestly say I didn't look at the TV screen once, but it was a great time! Our kids played while we got to have adult conversation and some laughs! Here are some moments from the night...

Noelle's superbowl outfit, even though we don't watch football, hah!

 Noelle, Gavin, Willow!

 Just hanging out on the top bunk!

Gavin and Noelle playing nicely before the kids tore the room apart.

Naughty naughty!! This is what happens when you leave 3 toddlers by themselves!

The girls snacking!

So good to have such wonderful friends!

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