January 26, 2015

Week In Review

We had such a fun and once again, super full week! I feel like my life is just flying by! It's already the last week of January! Geesh! Good thing we have been having a good time! (And trying to be productive!)

A look back on our week:

Sweet baby Halle, just being sweet.

Noelle and I attended friend Zoe's 5th birthday party! Noelle was excited to help me wrap the present (oh, so much tape), and decorate the wrapping!

Apparently she drew Joey, herself, and Zoe on it, lol. I LOVE her new drawing talent!! She just recently started drawing bodies!

Since it was a princess themed birthday party, Noelle dressed up as Rapunzel!

I even let her wear a little lipgloss, and the tiniest amount of blush. My princess!

Noelle and Zoe helping each other out with accessories. 

Rapunzel and Elsa!

Playing with the gift Noelle got Zoe! (Ariel's Grotto!)


We had a fantastic time over at our friends, The Bennett's, for dinner this past week as well! The kids dined while the parents wined/whined? Haha. Noelle and Oliver just love each other. They don't fight ever, and they communicate and play together so well!

Halle third wheeling it on Oliver and Noelle's dinner date.

These two played downstairs by themselves for most of the night! It was so relaxing and nice for our kids to go enjoy themselves, so we could too!

Noelle's new favorite thing is hopscotch. She has been talking about it non-stop ever since we visited a preschool that had it. So here is my makeshift hopscotch in our kitchen, made with masking tape. 

Here are the girls at Shoreview library doing some puzzles together. I love that baby Halle is starting to be able to do stuff with Noelle.

The girls enjoying some of the books we got at the library before bedtime.

"Hi. I'm cute."

"My crown."

Halle cracks me up in that peacoat. Here she is at Baby Story time at the New Brighton library. More here.

At dance, with big cousin Ellie, who was braiding her hair for her. :)

"Hey, I need some attention too!"

Ellie and Halle cuddling and steamrolling. Lol. Love my nieces and nephews so much.

After dance, the girls got REALLY lucky. I decided because for once I wasn't working, to have a mommy/daughter day! We went to Rosedale mall, went shopping and got some new hair and dance accessories, ate pizza in the food court, rode the train, and then ended it with some frozen yogurt!

My girls on their lunch date with mommy!

One of the days we also decided to experiment with some cupcakes! I decided to try making my own strawberry filled cupcakes - practicing for baby Halle's smash cake! Noelle was a fabulous helper.

They turned out really yummy! I definitely learned a few things though that will help me when I do the real thing!

A new thing that we started this past week was having family naps. A lot of people frown on co-sleeping, but you know what? It works for us. The girls sleep in their own bed/crib at night, but we thought it was fun to cuddle and all have a family siesta one day. Well the girls slept SO good (and longer!!) together that we decided to do it a couple more times. So this week, we took a few afternoon naps altogether! Good thing we have a California King! :)

Another family siesta.

Noelle meeting Grandpa's new puppy, Cooper!

The best day we had this week was for sure the day Joey got off work early and we went out for lunch! We went to our old haunt, Green Mill, which we used to frequent all the time before we had kids. It was so fun to go with the girls.


Yummmm Green Mill!!

Dressing some of the princesses before bed.

We also got outside!! This weather has been unbelievable!! (30+ degrees in January!? We'll take it!)

We had such a great week. I mean, most of our weeks are pretty good, but this one was so special because we got to spend so much time together, and with daddy!! It's awesome when Joey can get off work early. It was so fun to go on so many dates with the girls and to get out of the house!! This week we are REALLY busy. I accepted a long term substitute job so I will be working all 5 days this week! The girls are lucky enough to be able to be with Grandma Sue, but I will still miss and wonder about them. :)

Hope everyone had a great week, and hope this week is even better! See you next week!

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  1. How fun! I was cracking up over Noelle's little people figures because that's exactly how Myla draws hers too, just a face (either smiling or frowning) with legs coming out of the face. Congrats on the long term sub job, that is an awesome gig! XO


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