January 12, 2015

Week In Review

So far our January as been pretty low key. We've been trying to stay warm during these frigid temperatures and spending a lot of time as a family. (I love it!!!) With the holidays behind us we've been relaxing more, spending lots of time with the girls, and having lots of family dates. We usually have a Friday Family date each week which usually consists of dinner, mall/book store browsing, and ice cream! With it being so cold, we've been doing this a little bit more often! Thankfully we received a few gift cards as presents at Christmas, so we're not breaking the bank!

One night we rent to Rosedale and did some browsing! Noelle got to pick out some hair clips and accessories at Claire's for both her and baby Halle! The girls also enjoyed sitting next to each other in their double stroller, and laughed all throughout the mall! (They also loved the clear glass elevator doors!)

We also had a Starbucks/Barnes & Noble date! Love those. I also love a man who carries his daughter around the mall AND a pink diaper bag, lol. 


Noelle on daddy's shoulders, and Halle in the Ergo!


Baby Halle also had a gift card to Patina (one of mommy's favorite stores!) and with it we purchased her first ever Minnetonka's!! We got these, ugh, too cute. 

Noelle and I also had fun browsing Christmas clearance at various stores...we got a few Yards of Chocolate for 70% off! (Um, hello, Valentine's Day gifts for her teachers!! Oh, and for us. Hehe.)

Lol. Look at this crazy face. Yes, we did go A LITTLE stir crazy! We did get out one day and played with Myla, and one night our friends, the Bennett's came over for dinner with their kiddos. No picture documentation though, ;) lol.

Miraculously, I got out one night for a date with two of my best girlfriends, Gaotah and Jessie! It was needed, and it's part of my resolution this year to make more time for myself! A happier mom makes a better mom!

See you next week! STAY WARM!! I leave you with a silly video of our crazy family...

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