January 19, 2015

Week In Review: Busy Wagners

This week was a full one for us!

Of course we started our week off with some dance! Noelle is really starting to get better! :) Good thing too because they are working on their real dances now! We are so excited because Noelle's ballet song is "Maybe" from Annie! Noelle loves that movie! The tap is also super cute, called "Guess What?" and the lyrics include: "Guess what I'm going to do?! I'm going to dance for you!"The grandparents are going to love it!!

With some of her dance buddies, Charlotte and Emma! It's such a small world. Charlotte's mom is actually good friends with our cousin Nicole (she was in her wedding), and Emma's dad used to work with me! Now we're all happy buddies. :)

Here's a recent video of Noelle getting her tap on! She's the one in all black. :)

We actually ventured out of the house this week too because it was so warm! (Minnesotans think 20 degrees is "so warm." Lol.) We met up with our friends Lila, Oliver, and Henry and went to the Children's Museum! It was Halle's first time, and she definitely liked it! She's at the perfect age now because she wants to crawl and explore!

Noelle was excited to see Cleo, from Clifford the Big Red Dog!

Oliver and Noelle!

Halle was all about the toddler play area!

Making music together!

Crawling through the exhibits!! Thank goodness for hand sanitizer, lol.

Oliver and Noelle having lunch. This looks like one of those "Caption This" pictures from The Ellen Show, lol.

Noelle, spoiled as ever, got to end the day with a dinner trip to Noodles & Company with Grandma Sue and Don, AND got a ring pop.

Thursday night we were really busy - the 4 of us went to two open houses to check out potential preschools for Noelle next year. We really loved both schools, and for different reasons. So there lies a very hard decision! Whatever we choose, we will have her attend for the next 2 years, and will most likely send Halle as well, so we're giving it some thought!

Here's Noelle enjoying herself at the first preschool open house. :)

Halle liked it too!

Here she's doing some art at the second open house!

Friday, Joey and I got out for a much needed date night. We went out to Sushi X with our friends Jessie and Blake, and Gaotah and Jay, to celebrate Jessie's birthday. 

Happy 29th Jess!

Best friends for 13 years!

Saturday Joey had a much needed dad day, and went and hung out with some of his friends that he used to be in a band with. All the guys used to be in the band, Earth to Tolly, that used to play around downtown Stillwater a lot. They were really awesome, but as everyone started having kids...it just got much harder to meet to practice, and to play gigs! The guys finally got back together for a jam night! Because he was gone, the girls and I had a Girls Night Out!! We went to Eagle's Nest (Halle's first time), shopping with mommy, and then we ended the night with some frozen yogurt! Halle's first bite of the stuff, and of course, she loved it. 

Noelle was such a great big sister at Eagle's Nest! She was showing the way for Halle, and really protective too!

Come on, this way mommy! To the ice cream!

It's always a fun night when it's a night with mommy!

Halle's first bite of frozen strawberry yogurt! She didn't know what to think at first!

Then she was happy as ever, and demanded more!

Sunday we had a trip to the library, a Target trip, and then some dinner at Grandpa Joe's. It was more low key compared to the rest of our busy week. 

Noelle at Target, lol. 

Here are a couple more randoms from the week:

Hanging out with Truman.

Daddy giving Halle a lift.

Noelle talking to her friend "Pom Pom Sue."

Snow angel, enjoying some of this great 20+ degree weather!

Hope everyone had a good week! We will see you next week!

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  1. How fun! I melt over the last picture of Halle in her snow suit!! And the video of Noelle dancing is toooo cute! She's doing great!


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