January 6, 2015

The Best of 2014!

Can you believe that tomorrow it will already be the end of the first week of the new year!?! How is it that 2014 is already in our past!?! Taking a cue from my friend Hilary, I decided to recap the year, month by month! By doing so, I got to reflect on the whole year, and I cannot believe what an eventful, fulfilling, and WONDERFUL year we had!! We can only wish for an even better 2015!

I started the new year by welcoming the last trimester of my pregnancy! Cannot believe a year ago I was holly and very, jolly! Seems like forever ago! I had my maternity pictures taken this month to forever remember my last pregnancy!


Noelle went to her first movie - Frozen!

I cannot believe how busy I was for a third trimester mama to be! (Was I crazy??) It was my last month nannying for the little boys, Evan and Amery, so the 5 of us (me, boys, Noelle, and baby in belly) traveled all throughout the Twin Cities to fill up our last days together with fun events! I nested like crazy and had a Baby Sprinkle Shower!

The boys and Noelle during one of our outings. Still can't believe I was trucking around three kids under 3, while being 8 months pregnant! 


Noelle went to her first live show - Sesame Street!

During an outing with the boys at the MOA.

Story time at Como. We had lots of fun with the boys before mom's resignation!

Grandma Tuyet (my mama) came to stay with us in preparation for Baby #2! Noelle got to spend some quality time with Grandma, and also mama! I tried hard to give her LOTS of attention this month as we knew it would be Noelle's last month as an only child!! Of course the biggest thing that happened this month, (AND YEAR!!) was the birth of Baby #2 on March 28th - Miss Halle Yen!

MOA shopping with Grandma before any other babies are in the picture!

 And then there were four....welcome Miss Halle Yen!


 By far the most important and amazing thing that happened in 2014 for our family!

We started the month celebrating Joey's birthday (what a present he got huh!?) and continued celebrating the rest of the month with our brand new addition!! We never knew what we were missing until we had Halle. This month Noelle also had her first ever haircut, and we celebrated Halle's first Easter!

I enjoyed Mother's Day as a new mom of 2, and filled the month up with lots of time with my two golden girls. I also wanted to spend some quality time with Noelle, so that she knew she was still special although she wasn't the only daughter in the house. I treated her to a special Frozen party, where she met Queen Elsa! That was a big win. Joey and I also celebrated our 5th year of marriage! (And 10 years together! Whoa!)

Big moment in a 2 year old's life!

Mom and Noelle had a special Memorial Weekend together at the cabin, while dad and Halle stayed home alone! It was the first time our family has ever split up! It was nice to have some bonding one-on-one time with our kids. Noelle also had summer dance this month, we enjoyed many hot (like - really hot) days at the pool, went strawberry picking for the first time, and celebrated Father's Day. We thoroughly enjoyed the midst of summer!

Halle's first summer!

We celebrated the 4th of July at the cabin, which was Halle's first trip away from home. We didn't stop there...Halle accompanied me to Texas for my (not so) little brother's wedding! We also celebrated my parent's 30th Wedding Anniversary while we were there! 2014 was definitely a big year for my family!

Our family on the 4th!

After Halle's first ever flight!

Mommy and baby Halle at Uncle Dennis' wedding!
My family.

Texas grubbin'!

We celebrated the last month of summer with tons of time outdoors, at the pool, and with family. (Joey's) Grandma Ethel had her 90th birthday and Noelle and Halle had their first trip to the Minnesota State Fair!


I got a year older on my birthday, but that was the tiniest of moments this month! This month was BIG for us! Noelle started her first year of preschool, first year of "real" dance classes, Joey went to Florida with his brothers, Noelle and I went to our very first Renaissance Festival, we did our family pictures, and Halle celebrated her half birthday (6 big months)!

First year of dance/preschool!

 Daddy and his uncle, brothers, and (soon to be) sister in law in Florida!


With Noelle in school, mommy and baby Halle got to spend some more one-on-one time together!

Another big event of 2014...we moved! We moved from our townhouse into a single family home, still in our beloved hometown. I also got a (dream) job as a substitute for the Moundsview School district, which was a major life changer! Halle went to her first pumpkin patch, and celebrated her first Halloween. Noelle carved her first pumpkin! (More like mommy carved her first pumpkin, but whateves. LOL.) We also started some family traditions with the 4 of us as the holiday season was approaching!

Enjoying the new house!

Noelle celebrated her 3rd birthday with some awesome new traditions (birthday fairy, birthday interview) and a big party with her friends! It was a mighty special birthday. We also celebrated Thanksgiving, and kicked off the holiday season with a trip to Santa! Minnesota also had it's first snowfall of the season, which was super fun for the girls!

Birthday cupcake on her actual 3rd birthday, and a birthday cupcake at her party!

Thanksgiving! What are we thankful for? Cousins!

Halle's first year meeting Santa, and Noelle's first non-crying year!

 Halle enjoyed her first snow!

We celebrated CHRISTMAS of course! It was Halle's first, and although she was rather sick over the true holiday, we spent the whole month celebrating. Halle also ended the year with some new talents: self feeding, using the sippy, crawling, pulling herself up, and saying "mama" and "dada!" Our only solo sad moment of the whole year was learning of my dad's polyps this month, which we are praying that his next surgery on 1/29 will take care of. 

Growing up so fast!

Christmas fun with mommy!

Christmas Eve!

Joy on Christmas Day!

 She must have been good because Santa brought her EXACTLY what she asked for!

Overall, as you can see, The Wagner's had an amazing 2014. So many big changes for us, and of course, Halle. It was a year full of blessings. We are looking forward to what 2015 will bring us!
Happy New Year everyone!
The Wagners

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