January 30, 2015

...Said My 3 Year Old

I started collecting sayings from Noelle that I just didn't want to forget. I plan on keeping a running record throughout this year. Here are some of my favorites so far:

"Mom, this song isn't my favorite." (Said in super disappointed voice, in the car.)
"Mom, I don't love this show."
"Why can't she go home?" (Listening to Tove Lo's "Habits" in the car.)
"I can't clean my toys. I'm just a little girl."
"That is too hard for me." (When asked if she would like to try ice skating.)
"No, I'm a girl." (When asked if she was nuts.)
"Oh! I pooped rocks! I made poop rocks!"
"Baby Halle wants these. We need to get these for her." (At Target, pointing out cupcakes.)
"This milk is not right." (When trying almond milk.)
"I love Trader Joe's."
"Mom, don't go to work for a long time today."
"This is taking a long time." (At the doctor's office, after 5 minutes.)
"Is Baby Halle pumping your milk?" (While I was nursing Halle.)
"She have crazy hair!" (Watching "Annie.")
"I don't have a father!!!!" (While reading a book, in which the character has a father. Noelle says she only has a daddy, no fathers.)
"It's okay mommy, I called daddy. He's coming to pick you up. He will take care of you." (Playing Doc McStuffins. I was the ill patient.)
"I can't do that. It will hurt my feelings."
"Oh! We can't get over these traps!! They are alligators! And they will bite our toes off!" (Talking about vacuum cords on the floor.)
"Mommy, you need Hello Kitty pajamas to match me. That would be very cute."
"That is not cute enough for me." (Refusing an outfit I picked for her.)
"I love this song." (Black Widow came on the radio. LOL!!!!)
"Mommy, don't pee on my bed okay?" (While reading bedtime stories.)
"I'm not Doc anymore. I'm Noelle Sofia Wagner." (This is her new name that she calls herself.)
"Oh it's okay Baby Halle. Why you cry Baby Halle? You want your paci? " (Comforting her sister.)
"I don't want this cupcake!! I want the one in your belly!!" (Crying, because I ate the cupcake, that looked and tasted exactly like her cupcake.)
"Oh no! I forgot to brush my teeth!" Trying to stall bedtime. After I reminded her that she DID brush her teeth, then she replied: "Oh! Well. I forgot to wash my hands after I peed!!" Then I said, it was okay and she could go to bed, she said "No, mommy! See?!?! They are SO dirty!"(Shows me her clean hands.)

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  1. She's a smarty pants with an awesome vocabulary. How wonderful it will be to have these recorded as a keepsake!!


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