January 26, 2015

MN Tot Spots: Baby Story Time @ New Brighton's Library

I've posted about them a million times, but here's another post for the fabulous Ramsey County Libraries! As many of you know, libraries usually host story times...I've lived in a couple different county's and have nannied in many different ones, so I've been to plenty of county libraries. Ramsey is always my top choice. They offer the most wonderful variety of story times (baby story time, family story time, e-story times, make-n-take story times, etc.) with the most generous amenities, and the kindest librarian story tellers! They always offer an hour of stories, songs, puppet shows, and always involve the kids!

Noelle and I used to go to Shoreview's Baby story time every week when she was an infant, and it was so worth it. It was a way for me to meet other mom's in the area, have a place to go for an hour with Noelle, and it was so fun. It was like a free ECFE class! Noelle and I loved it. Once I went back to nannying, I would take Evan, Amery, and Noelle all to the story times. That was when we upgraded to the Family story time. (And we would usually go to Roseville or Shoreview.)

When we first got to story time, Halle was very confused. Usually she's either in her car seat or she's in the baby carrier. Lol. She's like, "What's going on!?"

After having Halle, I wanted to give her the same attention, but unfortunately we have been such a busy family of 4! With Noelle in school a couple days, in dance a couple of days, and Joey and my opposite work schedules, or Grandma babysitting, I haven't been able to get Halle to story time!


I was SO happy last week when we made it to Baby Storytime at the New Brighton location! It was AMAZING and a great experience for Halle! Ms. Tami is the librarian that runs it, and she is just as wonderful as Ms. Angi from Shoreview. They started with interactive baby songs, had two books for the kids to read, let the kids shake their sillies out, and then ended the session with toys upon toys! 



Halle has never been to something like this before (something that's actually geared towards her and not Noelle!) and it was so fun for her. She had a huge smile on her face and LOVED the music and the books. Of course for baby story times they always pick books with flaps or books with different textures, and it was so fun to have some new books for her to explore. 

Noelle was with, and being the oldest child there by at least 2 years, lol, she got to be a "mommy" herself. She was given a stuffed mouse and that was her baby! She was SO cute. She even had her "baby" on her knee and bounced her around with the rest of us when we did the baby songs!


Overall it was so fun, and I'm going to try sooo hard to take Halle to more of these events!

 Finally, baby Halle gets to make some friends!

Here is a listing of the baby story times through Ramsey County:
Mondays 9:45am, Roseville
Wednesdays 9:45am, Maplewood & Roseville
Thursdays 9:45am, New Brighton & Shoreview

Here is a link to their website, with all the complete listings of various story times.

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