January 30, 2015

Double Digit Territory: Baby Halle's 10 Months!

Happy Halle is 10 months already! I can't believe she's already in the double digits, and in only two more short months she will be a one year old!

She is still an extremely happy, sweet, easy going baby who smiles all day and laughs at everyone. We couldn't have asked for a sweeter baby. 

She is crawling all over the place, pulling herself up on furniture, walking along furniture, and has finally figured out how to lower herself back to the ground. For a while there she would pull herself up (like in her crib for example) then get so upset because she wouldn't know how to get back down! She would often find herself "stuck" and then scream until someone came to help her, lol. She finally figured it out, so no more problems!

Her favorite things are pretty much the same: being carried around, being cuddled, being tickled, playing peek-a-boo, watching big sis Noelle, following Noelle all over the place, and being with mom and dad. She's becoming SUCH a daddy's girl! Sometimes she will reach out to him and prefer him over me! Hard to believe. Lol. 

She also loves Little People toys, just like Noelle, and likes music. She loves to watch Noelle dance and thinks it's hilarious when I carry her and dance with her. 

She isn't a huge fan of going outside, but she never really protests. She just never smiles, haha. I think little baby gets too cold. :) 

She loves eating! She seriously is the kid that will try anything, and will probably like it. She also LOVES water. She gets sooo crabby when I forget it when she's eating! She definitely knows when her mouth is dry or when she is thirty and will pound her fist until she gets her water in her sippy cup!

She however, does not love sleeping. At 10 months, she is still not a very good sleeper. She still wakes up frequently at night (at least 3x a night ---3 if we are lucky, up to 6 times if we are very unlucky). She wakes up screaming and very unhappy, which is so not like her! It's hard to get her back to sleep as well. Joey and I have been SO tired, since this has been going on for at least 4 months. Finally I had her pediatrician refer her to St. Paul Children's Sleep Center for a sleep study. We cannot wait to see if they can help us! Her appointment is next Tuesday and we are beyond excited. 

She still is only saying mama and dada! No new words yet! :) But she has some new talents: rolling her tongue over and over and also making pop and click sounds. It's so cute! 

Another cute, but unusual thing? She still has NO teeth. Lol! She has not even a bump on her gums or any trace that teeth are coming. We don't mind though because we love her gummy smile, but it's funny that she's already 10 months and eating such a large variety of solid food, with no teeth!

One thing she really doesn't like is getting her hair washed. Just like Noelle, she screams and cries and makes a big fuss about getting her hair washed. Other than that, she loves bath time. She and Noelle take their baths together now and just love it. It also saves water. :)

We are STILL nursing! I'm definitely producing less milk - I can tell  - but we are still trying. After Halle nurses we usually give her another 4-6 oz. of formula, and she sucks it down! My goal was to breastfeed for one year, so we are getting close to that mark! It hasn't been easy - as now I'm not making as much so she sucks VERY hard! It's just like in the beginning, with cracked, sore nipples, but I'm still trying to go a bit longer. 

Dearest baby Halle, you are our shining star. We love you!
Happy 10 months dollface!

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