January 9, 2015

A Belated Christmas Post

Each year we celebrate Christmas FOUR times! We always celebrate with Joey's mom and step dad on Christmas Eve, with our own family Christmas morning, with Joey's Grandma Ethel and his Wagner side of the family Christmas night, and then one more time usually on New Year's with Joey's dad and step mom. Here are some belated Christmas photos from Christmas over at Grandpa Joe's!

As everyone knows, Halle was really sick on her first Christmas! She had a fever of 103 so we stayed home. I was happy that she was recovered to celebrate Christmas with the family on New Year's! Here she is in her little elf costume. Hehe. :)

Noelle was also ready to celebrate Christmas for a 4th time! :)

 Ready to open presents!

Halle drowning in presents!

 Present chaos!

Santa made a special late stop at Grandpa's to bring Noelle Sofia's Royal Prep Academy!

Celebrating with cousins is the best!

Vivi and Noelle had to change into their new matching pajamas!

In "My 1st Christmas" bib. :)

Wiped out from my first Christmas!

Noelle home on New Year's Day playing with her new toys! A bow and arrow! LOL. Baby's first weapon?! Haha. Noelle loved it though and here she's dressed as Merida from Brave, pretending her chair is a horse, and riding through the forest shooting arrows!

Noelle dressed up with her new Sofia dress, which matches her new Sofia doll!

This picture cracks me up. Noelle insisted that Anna dress up as Sofia as well...but with the Minnie ears. LOL.

Here's Halle wearing a new Christmas outfit. :) Made with love, indeed!

Thank you Grandma Shel for some amazing and generous Christmas gifts!

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