January 9, 2015

15 for 2015!

2014 was a really eventful year for us (moving, new jobs, new baby, etc.) and full of blessings, so it will be hard to top it! However there are many things that we are looking forward to in 2015!! Here's a list of 15 things happening in 2015 that we are looking forward to!

1. Mommy is going to finish up her graduate program at Saint Mary's!! I have one more class left that I anticipate to finish up this summer! Hallelujah! :)
2. I will be doing my practicum and student teaching before the end of 2015! (Hopefully this upcoming fall!)
3. Noelle will have her FIRST EVER dance recital this upcoming May! We're so excited! (She will be doing a ballet number and a tap number! Also so fun to be able to watch her, and 3 of her cousins in the same recital!)
4. Noelle will be starting "real" preschool in the fall! She may be possibly starting at a new school too, but that is yet to be determined. :)
5. Noelle will start swimming lessons at our community center!
6. Halle turns the big ONE years old this March!
7. We are anticipating Miss Halle's first steps in 2015!
8. We are planning on taking a family trip to Texas sooner than later!
9. Joey's brother Nik and Erin are getting married in September! (They've been together almost for as long as Joey and I have been, so it will be SO fun to celebrate them getting hitched and having Erin join our family officially!)
10. I plan on going to my first (but certainly not last) Taylor Swift concert (!!!) to celebrate...
11. ....my 30th birthday!! Holy buckets I'm getting old!
12. One of my best and longest friends, Jessie is getting married mid 2015!
13. Halle will start her first ECFE class!
14. Noelle will turn 4 years old! Wow. Big girl!
15. Joey and I are planning on going to Las Vegas ALONE for a much deserved, kid-free weekend sometime in 2015!

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