December 31, 2015

The Best of 2015!

Linking up with my fave bloggers to showcase some of our best memories from 2015!!


Joey took Noelle to her first Wild hockey game on Valentine's Day! It was the cutest daddy/daughter date!


My mom came to visit in March to help celebrate Halle's 1st Birthday!

 Sweet Halle turned 1 years old!!


Noelle and her friend Gavin went Easter egg hunting together at Salem church! It was our first time, and it was so fun! We will be going again this year!

Seeing the Easter bunny! Halle's first time.

Noelle rode her first pony!


Noelle and I went to Calvary Church for the first time, and have never left! We love it so much, and are so happy it has become our home church!

Noelle received her first (participation) award for her first recital! LOL!! <3

Getting dolled up for her first recital! 

Dance pictures!


Celebrating Great Grandma Libby's 80th birthday!

Noelle (back right) at her first intensive ballet camp! (Everyday for 2 hours, for 2 weeks!)


Celebrating 4th of July with my babies!

Fireworks in the backyard!


Starting up another year of dance with good friend Emma!

Halle starting her first year of dance!

My parents came to visit! It was so nice that my dad could come too!

Going to the Slice of Shoreview!

Halle and Joey up at the cabin on Labor Day weekend!


Our girls got dedicated in September! That was such an awesome day! I was so happy to have both girls dedicated together! <3


I turned the big 3-0!

Nik and Erin got married!! Here are the sweet cousins at the wedding!

The happy couple!

I went to my first Taylor Swift concert! And it was just as amazing as I dreamed it would be! :)

Noelle started her first year of preschool!


Our family at the Annual Larkin Halloween party!

The girls at the apple orchard!

My Cinderella and minion!


Noelle turned 4 years old and had her first "friends only" party! It was ponyriffic!


Noelle and Emma went to their first Disney on Ice show!

Celebrating Christmas with all the cousins!

Goodbye 2015! Thanks for the memories! Here comes 2016!! Let's make it the best year yet!!!
Love, wishes, prayers, and hope to all!!
Happy New Year!!

December 30, 2015

A New Outlook for 2016

Anyone who knows me or even just has read my blog, knows that I'm a big resolutions person. I always make new goals for the upcoming year, and usually stick to it. I don't make a big 'ol list, just a few little goals to work on. However, this will be the first year in who knows how many years (probably a decade!!) that I've decided to NOT make resolutions!!

Here's the thing - I'm an anxious person. I'm a Type A personality that makes lists for EVERYTHING. I get caught up in worry - worrying about what I didn't do right, what I should have done, what I will do, if I can do it, and so forth and so forth.

For the last year I've lost sight of my resolutions quite a bit, because I was so busy, but also busy with worry! I worried so much about money - having enough for when I start student teaching, being a good wife, being a good mom, getting good grades, passing exams, keeping a clean house, being fit, etc. etc. It was constant stress and anxiety. I felt lost for a bit of 2015 as I was overwhelmed (by my own doing), and drowned in worry.

I don't want that for 2016. I have a completely new outlook for 2016 that involves NO resolutions. I'm letting go of my tradition of making a list of things to work on and ways to change, and instead, I'm just going to LIVE. Each day comes with it's own worries, there is no point in me worrying about the next day, or the next year! I'm going to concentrate on living each day and stop planning so much. There's a lot happening in 2016 as it is, so I need to let go of my list of things to work on, and be in the moment.  I'm good enough as I am, and I have what I need!!

These are the scriptures that I am reading and working on in my journaling Bible to keep me inspired.

Nothing against resolutions! I love them, but it's time for me to concentrate on living in the now and being happy with what I have and who I am, and not concentrating on things I need to change. Here are past resolutions:

Resolutions for 2013
Resolutions for 2014
Resolutions for 2015

Happy New Year's everyone and I hope that 2016 brings you much joy and peace!!

December 28, 2015

A Wagner Christmas 2015

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! We sure did! We had a slew of activities going on for the holiday. On Christmas Eve we went to Christmas service as a family before heading over to Joey's sister Heather's house. It's become a tradition to go to Heather's house for Christmas, and this is the 6th year (I think)! 

Noelle and Vivi playing like crazy before presents!

 All the cousins together! Max is the oldest at 15 years old, and it trickles down to baby Halle, the youngest at 1 year old (20 months to be exact)!

 Taking a picture with Great Grandma Libby (Joey's maternal grandma)! (And Brianna in front - Joey's youngest cousin on his mom's side). 

Hanging out with Uncle Nik.

 Baby Halle was really confused at present opening time, at first. Once she got the hang of it, she didn't want to stop!

 Noelle was super sweet, opening presents saying "Oh! I love this!" or "I've always wanted this!" LOL

 Baby Halle getting her own band set!

Showing off her Elf shirt. :) We LOVE that movie!!

Noelle's big gift from Grandma Sue! A pony bike!!

So happy and excited!

Grandma opening up Halle's gift to her. (More on their homemade gifts in a future post.)

Ellie opening up her gift from Noelle (an H&M gift card for the big cousin)! All the kids in the family pull out another cousin's name out of a hat on Thanksgiving, and that's how we do presents from the kids to each other! That way it doesn't get too crazy with 11 cousins!

Halle snuggling with her favorite cousin. (It's okay I said that, it's not a secret, lol.)

 Daniel Tiger figurines!

 A stuffed and singing Daniel Tiger!

 Oh and Daniel Tiger bath toys! It was a very Daniel Tiger Christmas, lol.

 The girls getting jiggy with it downstairs with Vivi's new karaoke machine!

 It was definitely a hit!

The girls singing "Let It Go."

Playing the drums!

And to all a good night!

The night before Christmas! (Santa wraps in white paper at our house!)

The following day (Christmas) we did our own family Christmas in the morning. We started a new tradition that I got from my friend Hilary, and we started the day off with cinnamon rolls (with a candle) and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus! Then we opened presents from (of course) Santa, mom and dad, and then my parents in Texas. We always Skype with them every Christmas morning so they can watch the girls open their presents from them! 

Christmas morning happiness!

Yuuumm cinnamon rolls!

Skittles in her stocking!

In love with her new My Little Pony microphone stand from my parents!

Loving that microphone, but the best part is Halle dancing in the background, lol.

Baby Halle's presents from my parents. Can you take a wild guess what she is currently obsessed with?

Playing with her sister's new toy! I guess we still have Frozen fever!

Opening presents!

Noelle picked out new bedding for baby Halle - My Little Pony of course! So now the sisters match! :) Halle was SO happy!

The girls then had a morning bath just so they could play with new bath toys, lol, then had fun jumping on the new trampoline Santa brought!

Before Christmas dinner, playing with the new microphone that they cannot get enough of.)

After naps on Christmas the girls got dressed up for Christmas dinner at Great Grandma Ethel's (Joey's paternal grandma). We had fun seeing extended family that we don't see often on Joey's dad's side, and played a few games over cocktails. The kids played with their second cousins and had fun!

 Halle getting her gift from Santa.

Then on Sunday after Christmas, we celebrated with Joey's dad and Michele at their house. Santa comes there every year to give the kids their presents and we celebrate with dinner and just hang out.

Noelle was so sweet! Santa was handing out presents and Noelle was probably the 5th of 6th kid to get something, so that's a lot of waiting for a 4 year old! She waited so patiently though and when it was her turn she just ran up to Santa and plopped down right on his lap without any issues!

She was such a dear! She got her beloved Paw Patrol pack of figures (what she asked Santa at the mall for) so that was exciting! When she ran off to her spot we told her to go back and asked her "What do you say?" We meant for her to say thank you, but instead she told him "Merry Christmas," lol, which was so cute.

 Ring around the rosey with Santa! An annual tradition - so funny.

Halle enjoying her new Santa gift -- the Elsa castle! Oh my goodness....

This thing is larger than her!

We had a great Christmas and we hope everyone else did too!! :) Joy to the world, the Lord is come!!
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