December 5, 2014

What Mom Really Wants for Christmas...Just Sayin'

After having a few glasses of my Merlot tonight, I had some deep, deep thoughts...on what a mom REALLY wants for Christmas.

Bottle Service for Two
1. A good bottle of wine.
2. A childless night to drink said wine.
3. A full night's sleep. No interruptions. No alarms.
4. A back massage. Throw in some neck and feet massaging too.
5. Someone else to clean her house.
6. Someone to go to the store and do all her shopping for her.
7. A whole day to waste watching horribly mindless television.
8. Throw in some celebrity gossip magazines.
9. Nap.
10. A good, tasty (take out) dinner - in the house, in sweatpants.
11. Fuzzy socks.
12. Another good bottle of wine.
13. A haircut. Throw in a scalp massage.
14. Get kids back...have them on their best behavior with super cute homemade gifts, kisses, and hugs.
15. Husband to put kids to bed.

The End.

1 comment:

  1. I think we have the same list LOL! especially no 1,2,3 and 9 :)


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