December 15, 2014

Week In Review

Before reminiscing and reflecting on our last week, I'd like to first take a moment to ask for prayers and/or good vibes for my father. Please send him strength, peace, love, healing energy, and positive vibes as he is struggling through illness this holiday season. He has been diagnosed with something that will take time to treat, and recover from. I would love for him to receive all the love and support during this time. Thank you kindly! 

Grandpa's Girls

This was a busy week for us again. I worked quite a bit this week, so the girls spent plenty of time with Gaotah and Grandma Sue this week. Joey and I made up for it with a family date on Friday night - we went to Fresh Picked Pizza and then got some ice cream. Saturday was busy with dance class, a trip to Santa's house, and a girl's only dinner at Chipotle with Gaotah. Then we ended our weekend with celebrating Evan's 4th birthday at his party on Sunday.

All ready for date night with mom, dad, and Halle!

Ice Cream at Raz's!

Sassy girl Saturday night. What an outfit heh? LOL.

At Santa's house! See all the pics here.

Sisterly love at Chipotle.

Halle Belly loves Chipotle! Not a surprise!

Gaotah and Noelle! Best nanny ever. ;)

The girls just showing off some of their Christmasy outfits. 

Not sure if it get's cuter.

On Sunday we went to Evan (the little boy I used to nanny)'s 4th birthday party! Noelle was so excited to come back to their house and see Evan, Amery, and of course, Truman (the dog)! She and Halle were the only girls at the very testosterone filled party, lol. 

Noelle actually really liked all the Spiderman stuff, lol. She absolutely loved the goodie bag.

Halle just enjoyed the food, lol. She had pizza and a little bit of cake (no frosting). She loved it.

Noelle loved sitting next to Evan to watch him open presents. She did an awesome job of NOT touching them or try helping him, lol. 

We had a blast. Joey and the other dad's got to hang and have some beverages while the mom's chatted and the kids ran wild. 

Here is Noelle and some of her Monday preschool classmates singing Christmas songs to the parents. :)

Noelle was pretty excited, opening up her first Christmas present, from her teachers. A coloring book, a paint book, and new crayons! Yay!

I asked what Noelle was drawing...apparently it's "a mama with a baby in her tummy!" Uhh, not this mama! LOL

Here's a beautiful picture of baby Halle at 4 am last night/this morning (not such a beautiful time) to end the post...

Have a great week!

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