December 8, 2014

Week In Review

This week was less eventful! We took it easy at home as Halle started to come down with a cold, that we think is related to her teething. She has had horrible sleep regression due to it, and has been getting up 7+ times a night, so Joey and I are way too tired for extra activities! I'm lucky that Noelle is such a homebody, so she didn't really mind having a slower, lazy week.

The girls had to join me a couple days this week at the cleaners. Here we are, all in our matching heart sweaters. :)

Saturday night at Target! :)

 Sister love!

Lots of art projects during our week in!

Another day at work with mommy.

 Baby Halle trying to crawl!! We are pretty sure she will be crawling around by next week!

Have a happy week everyone! See you next week!

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