December 1, 2014

Week in Review: Winter Wonderland

This past week was a fun one for us! As November came to an end we had fun with family, celebrating Thanksgiving, enjoying some of the warmer winter days, and putting our tree up!

My winter cutie, on the way to dance class. 

We also made it to the Roseville library to get out of the house! Noelle loves to measure herself and see which animal she is as tall as. 

 Halle had a blast! She can finally sit up and play with the toys too!

 "Yes, my mom takes me out in public in my pajamas. So?"

Here;s a funny snapshot of Noelle at Fresh and Natural after the library, she's totally like "Uuuuggggh, another picture??" I had to. The little cart was so cute, lol.

Here are my little pinkilicious girls on Thanksgiving!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with family at Staci's house. It was a great time. All the cousins got to play together and dance like little maniacs, and we feasted! We were stuffed with good food, good times, and plenty of wine. We got home that night and all fell asleep on the couch together! 

Pinkilicious and pouty!

On one of the warmer days (think like 22 degrees lol) I took the girls outside to play because 1. Halle needed to enjoy her first snow, and 2. Noelle needs to play in snow, period. She absolutely despises getting dirty and usually does not want to play outside. She likes to go to the park or to bike, but has never wanted to play in dirt, mud, sand, or even water. She doesn't like digging, crawling, anything on the ground. So I wasn't too sure how it was going to go. Every time I asked her if she wanted to go outside she would say no! Even when I asked if she wanted to go make Olaf she said no! I was convinced she would hate it and beg to come in after a couple minutes. I was pleasantly surprised that she LOVED it. 

Noelle played outside for an hour! She shoveled, made snow angels, went sledding, pulled her sister around on the baby sled, and also played with her slide out in the snow. Halle also had a good time experiencing snow for the first time! She laughed as we pulled her around the porch and the backyard a gazillion times. She also sat in the snow for a while and was eating it off her glove, lol. She made a very alarmed face when she ate it - I don't think she expected it to be so cold! It was cute!

Snow bunny!

What is this?!

Those are some of the best Halle expressions ever!

Halle's first sled ride!

Noelle pulls her sister! Love this.

We also put up our tree! Noelle was so excited to trim the tree! Even though this will be her 4th Christmas already, this is the first year she really was into decorating the tree! She was so excited and kept asking me for more ornaments! She loves the tree and calls it "beautiful" and "magical" a lot.

She was super excited to put the first 2 ornaments on the tree...her Clara ornament that she picked out herself this year, and our family ornament. We had gone to Hobby Lobby the day before and as always I got our traditional family ornament and then Noelle got to pick out anything she wanted. There were Little Ponies, Hello Kitty, Barbie, Princesses...I was so surprised when she picked out the "Clara and the Nutcracker" ornament! It's so beautiful and I love it, as does she. She carried it around the store proudly and clutched it to her chest repeating "It's Clara and the nutcracker! It's Clara mommy!"

Normally my Type A personality would fix the tree after Noelle went to bed but Joey and I decided that for it truly to be Noelle's tree too, we need to let it be. So there are many branches with multiple ornaments, some very bare branches, clusters of the same ornament in one area, and so forth, but it's sweet and special that she personally decorated this tree. :)

Sorry for the camera! :) This is our family ornament this year. 

Halle's first ornament. :)

All our Santa pictures are out!
Stockings hung!

On one of the days I subbed, Gaotah and Noelle put up winter window clings! We've been letting Noelle do a lot of things on her own, hence the ones hanging upside down, on top of one another, or sideways, lol.

Our little elf friends.

And of course BUDDY OUR ELF came back!! This is our second year with Buddy. Last year he was nameless because Noelle was too young to properly name him, so we waited, and this year she appropriately named him "Buddy!" He comes to our house the day after Thanksgiving, so we've already had a few mornings looking for him. ;)

Cannot wait for more of this great season! May everyone be merry and jolly this week!! See you next week! xo

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  1. Snow sweet! I adore those snow pictures and your Christmas decor!


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