December 28, 2014

Wagner's Week Before Christmas

I missed my "Week In Review" right before the holidays since our family got SICK! And I mean, really sick! I knew the crud was going around, seeing children spike fevers and go home sick from school when I was subbing, but my family was doing pretty good! I thought we were the lucky ones who the crud missed! Well, I was wrong! Right before Christmas week Noelle got the fever and the head cold, waking up crying at night. Right after she got sick, it was mommy's turn. I was on my death bed it felt like! I was sick with a fever for 2 days and had a horrible headache, body aches, and a terrible cough.

My poor Halle got it too...with a temperature of 103, that just wouldn't go down! She had the fever for 3 days! It was terribly sad. We missed out on a lot of Christmas activities, but we tried to make the best of it!
Right at the end of Noelle's cold (and Halle's beginning), she had one last preschool sing-a-long. Here are the girls in Noelle's classroom. 

Right before Halle came down with her fever, we spent two mornings with Anya (the sweetie I used to nanny, who is now one of Noelle's favorite friends), because I was helping her mom out. The girls always have so much fun together. They are two girly peas in a pod. 

Here's a picture of my sugarplum before the crud got her!

Daddy reading stories to the girls. Noelle is going "Uuuggh, ANOTHER picture!?!" on the right lol.

One of the mornings we were doing some arts and crafts and I swear to you, I had my back turned for a minute. Just one minute, and I turn back around to THIS! Noelle had painted Halle's whole leg!!! 

Good grief! It's a good thing that there are mornings with no plans, because this called for an emergency morning bath!

Here's Noelle, all proud of her wrap/sticker job. Lol. We had fun wrapping Christmas presents. ;)

Noelle and I had a fun night making Christmas cookies. She helped me unwrap all the Hershey Kisses for some peanut butter blossoms! She did a wonderful job rolling the dough in sugar and topping the cookies with the kisses too! So fun that she's getting older and understanding things!

We also had a gingerbread house making night! Christmas with a three year old is SO much fun! 

And here's a sweet collage of pictures of Happy Halle at dance to end the post! Who can resist that face? Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and we will see you next YEAR!!

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