December 2, 2014

Tots Get Crafty: Winter Crafts

I know that this winter season we will be full of arts and crafts, so I debated just waiting until I had a huge cluster of them to post, but decided against it - just in case some other parents/teachers/nannies wanted ideas sooner than later! Here are some crafts we did yesterday and today.

Her gluing (and painting for that matter) have improved SO much in the last year! Wow. I think I'm going to tackle scissor skills soon! 

Using a paper plate cut in half, Noelle painted a brown reindeer. I then traced her hands for antlers, cut out some eyes, legs, and a nose, and let her do the gluing! It really wasn't hard at all, and it turned out really cute!

Voila! Meet Rudolph Wagner.

Tonight we made these, which are adorable. They are simply the girls footprints!

Noelle made these snowmen by using paint and a cookie cutter.

This one is nothing special, but Noelle is in love with it. She glued the stars on with real Elmer's glue, which I never really let her use, so she thinks it's reeeaaally special. LOL. It's the little things.

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