December 28, 2014

Thank You For 9 Beautiful Months, Baby Halle!

I can't help it. I know I shouldn't say this, but...I think 9 months ago I gave birth to the most perfect baby in the whole entire world, and that baby's name is Halle Yen. Oh my goodness, I love this little girl SOOOOO much! She has been nothing short but the most darling, picture perfect, sweetie pie, love bug this world's ever seen. Don't get me wrong, I love both my daughters more than life itself, and I adore Noelle more than anything....but come on, this baby! This face! Halle makes me so happy!!

Here are the running stats!

Age: 9 Months
Clothing size: 12-18 months (You are in the 99th percentile for height! Wowza!)
Diaper size: 3...probably should upgrade you but we got 2 boxes of diapers for Christmas in size 3, so hang in there girl. LOL
Physical Development: YOU CRAWL!!!! You figured it out in a matter of days, and ever since, you haven't stopped!
Teeth: Nopers!

Measuring against your sister:
At this age your sister was already crawling quite a bit, and also pulling herself up to stand. You just learned how to crawl, so you aren't quite there yet, but that's okay! I don't want you growing up too fast! :) You also have no teeth yet, while Noelle had one by now. That's okay too! You make do without teeth just fine!! (Better than fine! You eat like a horse!!)

New talents: You feed yourself wonderfully and you use that sippy pretty well.
Favorite foods: Finger foods. You are so over baby food. No more mush you say! You like FLAVOR! you like Chiptole, chili, chicken, mashed potatoes, cheesy hash browns, etc.
Nursing: (It never ends.) 3x a day, 2x a night.

You are so cute!! 

Currently enjoying: Crawling! You love getting into your sister's stuff! You like to be carried, to eat out, to sit in high chairs and carts, to be outside, to go shopping and people watch! You think being tickled is hilarious and you also love kisses all over your face and neck. It makes you belly laugh!
Currently despises: Getting your hands wiped, getting your hair washed. 

Napping: 2x a day.
Sleeping: Meh. Not better yet. You still like to get up 2-3x a night. You also like to pull your bumpers down - it assists you in sitting up. Then you look for us, cry out, and sit there until someone comes to you. Oy vey! You also like to sleep on your side. You are just like mama - a side sleeper for sure! You NEVER sleep on your tummy (which your sister did all the time).
Sleeps with: Paci and blankies!

Speech: You said your first words this month! You said "dada" and "mama!" I am thrilled!!! Noelle's first word was "dada" and it was only dada for a long time. You say dada and mama both all the time! You definitely call out for both of us! You like to ask for mama first, then if you can't find me, you call out for dada! I guess, technically, your first word was dada...but I don't know...I think it was just babble and not deliberate. ;)

Firsts: Christmas, fever, illness, crawl. It was an eventful month!

Personality: You are the sweetest pea in the world. You smile at everyone and anyone. You can smile practically on demand. You smile even in the midst of tears. You are happy, sweet, loving, and a cuddler. You want to be in someone's arms all the time. Lover!

Oh my little belly! I love you so much! You make me so, so happy. Noelle loves you so much too. Daddy also adores you to pieces! We all just want to squeeze you all day! Thank you for being in our lives and making every day worthwhile! Love you my Happy Halle!

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