December 3, 2014

Our 1st Elf on the Shelf Christmas!

I purchased our Elf on the Shelf about two years ago, way before I had any use for him. I loved the idea of the Elf so much and loved watching my sister in law surprise her kids with their elf, Lanny each Christmas. At that time EOTS wasn't quite so popular and well known yet. Fast forward to this year, we have our first EOTS Christmas, along with the mass majority of the population! We love him and his adorable little face!  Noelle named him Buddy, which is quite appropriate. :)

My only beef with EOTS is that I feel like since the idea has gotten so popular, the simple idea behind it has been lost. EOTS is suppose to be here to watch our kids, to make sure they are on their best behavior, and then to report to Santa. EOTS is simply here to be Santa's eyes and ears. However, for whatever reason EOTS has become this mischievous little magical elf that causes messes, eats our food, and does silly things that we catch them in the act doing in the morning. I know it's only a silly, fun, little thing, but our elf just isn't going to do that. Lol. Sorry, that coming from me, Miss Christmas, sounds very bah humbug, but I don't see the point in having Buddy drinking our syrup, drawing mustaches on our family pictures, fishing from the toilet, or pouring flour all over my kitchen to play in. ;) (As if Noelle needs any of those ideas put into her head!) So sorry, I won't be posting those super cute, creative, postings...mine will be pretty dull in comparison, lol. 

Buddy came to our house after Thanksgiving to start reporting to Santa, and so far Noelle's found him hiding out in a few different spots...

On his first day, he did come riding in on ponies instead of was a grand gesture.

We found him hiding behind one of the pictures! Sneaky.

Disguised as a princess in the tower!

Watching Noelle with his trusty guard, Truman.

So far, EOTS has worked wonders for Noelle. She really thinks that he will tell Santa how she's been, so as soon as she's acting naughty, I remind her that Buddy will report to Santa, and she usually stops her behavior automatically. Wow. We need EOTS all year long, lol. 

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