December 31, 2014

New Year's Wishes, Hopes, & Prayers

I've avoided getting personal or detailed about my dad's recent diagnosis, only briefly mentioning it in a previous post, but now that a New Year is upon us and his condition is not yet better, I wish to share with everyone why it would mean the world to me to have every one wish him well, send him good vibes, and to pray for him.

A month ago my dad's doctors discovered three cancerous polyps during a colonoscopy for my dad. They discussed options and decided upon an abdominal incision to remove the three areas. Unfortunately when he went into surgery, the three areas weren't found. The markings that the doctor had made, the surgeon could not detect. Therefore, instead of one incision, they made three incisions to look for the spots. Even with the three incisions, they were unable to locate two of the polyps.

My dad was sent home to recover with an appointment to come back for another colonoscopy, where the doctor could remark the areas. Because the incisions weren't successful they decided to try a different route. They decided to go up his back, blow his stomach up, and laser the areas. This was yesterday, and once again it failed to take care of the affected areas.

With much dismay my dad now has to go in for another surgery. They have decided to try another incision. He currently is still recovering from his first incisions (with the one closest to his navel giving him the most pain) and is exhausted. He has lost a lot of weight, currently only weighing two more pounds than me, and is just weak.

Please, if you believe in the power of prayer, or if you could kindly please send my dad all the good mojo you can, I'd deeply appreciate it. Anything that you believe in - good vibrations, hopes, wishes, anything. I just want my dad to go through this quickly, and to have his next surgery be his last. I want my dad to recover and start 2015 healthy and polyp free. Also a few prayers for my mother as well, for taking care of my dad and for being his main support system. I'm saddened to be across the country from them, and just wish they can feel all the love and support right now that they deserve. It's been a few long weeks over the holidays.

Thank you kindly, and happy new year!! May your family be blessed, healthy, and happy!

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  1. Just saw this now - woke up ravenous at 4AM... because of course. I will keep him in my prayers!!


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