December 16, 2014

My Tiny Dancers

There's something so cute about little girls in tutus and leotards. Here are just some pictures I wanted to share because, frankly, they are just cute, and that's all. ;)

Tiptoes and sass! Get it girl.

She loves doing her stretches. She especially loves doing the butterfly. :)

My cutie.

Selfies with mama before class!

With her dance friends, Charlotte and Emma!

In her new Larkin 2014-2015 sweatshirt!

Halle wearing Noelle's old Larkin sweatsuit! Too cute!

Watching the older girls dance.
Giving Miss Yvette her Christmas cards!

My tiny Larkin dancers!

Omg this video cracks me up. These's a hot mess, but it is so, so cute. LOL

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