December 8, 2014

MN Tot Spots: Toys R Us Events

Toys R Us holds events at their stores throughout the year for various events, mainly holidays and new toy/DVD releases! (They have done Lego Events, new toy release parties, toy demonstrations, Star War events, back to school events, etc.) On their website you can check out their Events page to see upcoming events, or you can click here to see their Event page on Facebook - where you can subscribe and always know what the latest events/deals/specials are! I actually get text messages from Toys R Us every time there is an event coming up, and I was happy to get one about last Saturday! They happened to be having a Disney Princess Party! How perfect for Noelle!! 

All the little girls were asked to come dressed as their favorite Disney Princess. Then they were able to make a princess Christmas ornament, meet and take pictures with Geoffrey the Giraffe, and play with Disney Princess toys! They had the hot new toys (think the Glitter Glider castle and Pumpkin, Cinderella's walking/talking pup) out for the kids to test out!

My little Cinderella loved making her princess ornament. :) She liked seeing all the other girls dressed up as princesses as well.

She was excited to play with Pumpkin!

She was fascinated by the giraffe and was constantly asking where he was, but would not meet him! That's where she drew the line, declaring that he was scary, lol. 

Princess had to go test out some new rides. (We have to do this EVERY time we go to Toys R Us! This girl is obsessed! I'm thinking ahead, but maybe a future birthday present?!)

It was a fun mommy/daughter date!

Looking forward to future events at Toys R Us!

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