December 29, 2014

It's That Time Again...Resolutions!

So, after being Queen of Christmas, I am Queen of Resolutions...I love making resolutions and always follow through. Therefore I'm pretty embarrassed to admit that last year's resolutions were not all completed! Some say 2 out of 3 isn't bad, but come on...I had only 3 resolutions for 2014! I will admit defeat and try again! Lol.

So for 2015 here are my resolutions:

1. (Repeat offender. The one I didn't do last year.) Meal plan! I need to get my stuff together and start prepping meals! I am a horrible cook and can make about 4 things, so I need to start finding some good, quick and easy recipes to master! Besides needing to cook at home, I need to plan out the meals, so that we are never scratching our heads at 5:30 pm, debating over what to eat!

2. Be a better wife. All seriousness. Here's the thing...I'm an alright mom. Not a perfect mom, but I TRY to be a perfect mom. I try to be there for every single things my kids do. I try to give them all the patience in the world, and all the love I can muster. I give them so many chances, and I fill their hearts and minds with encouragement, support, and love. Now it's time to try to be a perfect wife. I love my kids so much that I admit, sometimes, I put my relationship and marriage on the back burner. I let it fizzle in the background while I concentrate on the main dish - my kids. My kids are so important, yes, and their childhood is molded in my hands, but my marriage needs some TLC too. I've realized that at moments, Joey and I are just parents, not a couple. We need more than date nights. We need to talk again, hang out, enjoy each other's interests, gain new interests together, have experiences together other than parenting ones, and show each other the type of patience, encouragement, support, and love that we show our kids.

3. Start Saving!! We cut back on so many expenses last year, which was one of my resolutions. We downsized, cut out unnecessary credit cards and tried our best to get our finances together by consolidating where we could. Although, all of that has been a gigantic step in the right direction, we need to actually start saving money and have a tangible amount of money at the end of 2015. I would love more than anything to be able to buy the current house we are renting and to transform it into our very own home.

4. Make Mommy Time. This is a selfish resolution, but a very necessary one. I think over time as I have become a mom, I've gotten into a funk. I no longer take care of myself. I don't pamper myself in any way, I don't spend any money on myself, I never go out alone, and hardly ever have "girl's nights" with my friends. Not that I want to put the kids to bed then run wild through the city, but I would like to make time out for myself once again, to do things that I want to do, and/or to take care of myself. I think it would make me an even better mother, to have alone time and to be happy! One of the things that I love to do the most that I haven't found the time to do is run. I miss running so much. That's my way of releasing stress, and a time for me to think and be alone. I want to start running again. The last time I ran was when I was 2 months pregnant with Halle! Time to lace up those running shoes!

Happy New Year everyone!! May 2015 be the best one yet!

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