December 8, 2014

For Addie

Picture taken from her FB page.
I usually don't watch TV, especially not the news (I can't bear to hear and see how the bad stuff out there) but I just so happened to catch on the Today Show last week about a little girl named Addie, who doctor's say will be celebrating her last Christmas this year due to an illness. She was told last month that she has a year left, and to make matters worse, her father passed away last weekend. Addie and her older sisters are going through such a tough time, and have simply asked for Christmas cards. (Details about Addie's condition here.) I briefly told Noelle about it, explaining that a sick little girl wanted a Christmas picture so Noelle made her something. It's such a small gesture, but I'm happy to add our card among the hundreds that hopefully will fill Addie's house this Christmas season. Bless their family.

You can send your family's Christmas card, or a homemade picture to Addie and her family here:
Addie Lynn and Sisters, P.O Box 162, Fountain Green, UT 84632

Stay updated on her via her facebook page.

What a sweetheart. Bless their family. 

Hopefully Noelle's picture we put a small smile on Addie's face. We are thinking about their family and little Addie at this time, as well as all the other families out there going through hardships this holiday season. God Bless.

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