December 28, 2014

Christmas Eve '14

Traditionally, each Christmas Eve we spend the evening with Joey's mom, stepdad, and all the siblings and cousins. For the past few Christmases we have gone to Heather's house and the kids have had a wonderful time playing together and opening presents from Grandma Sue and Don, and a few from each other. I absolutely love Christmas Eve! So it was a bit disheartening this year because Halle got SO sick the night before Christmas Eve! She spiked a fever of 103, and was doing miserably. Her fever didn't break the next day either, and she wasn't sleeping well. There was no way I could take my baby out while she was under that condition, so Christmas Eve, Halle and I stayed home to recoup while Joey and Noelle trekked out to Heather's. I was really sad to have missed the first Christmas that Noelle truly understood, and also sad for Halle that she missed out on her very first Christmas Eve EVER, but a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do!

Noelle with her cousins - her favorite girls in the world - Gracie, Ellie, Vivi, and Ava!

Cousin Love!

Joey with his siblings, Staci, Cory, Heather, and Nik, his cousin Brianna, and their grandma - Grandma Libby!

 Grandma with almost all her grandkids! (Missing Clayton and Halle!)


Each year the kids in our family make something for Grandma that she then brings to the cabin. One year they all made bird feeders. Another year they all made stepping stones. This year each grandkid decorated a letter, which she can hang up at the cabin, that will spell "Makin' Memories." Halle got the I. We stamped her footprint on there and the saying "From the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes, I love you!"

Noelle made flowers out of her fingerprints, then on the back I had the poem,
"My dirty little fingerprints, I've left on every wall,
And on the drawers and table tops, I've really marked them all,
But here is one that won't rub off,
I'm giving it to you,
because I'm thankful for a grandma like you!"

 All the letters made by the grandkids! (K is missing because Clayton wasn't there.)

Present time!


Yay! A Doc McStuffins Check Up Center!

Noelle opening up gifts!

Coloring in Vivi's new purse!

The girls are the age now where they really know what's going on! They are both sitting here admiring the Sofia box, lol. 

 Very excited about her new Sleeping Beauty figurines!

Vivi and Noelle opening gifts together.

Vivi with her "new sister" as she called her, haha.

Because there are so many kids in the family, all the kids just pull a name out of a box on Thanksgiving to gift another cousin. Lucky for Noelle, she pulled Vivi! We got her a beautiful Elsa dress and lots of Frozen accessories. Vivi was thrilled and the girls got to dress up together as their favorite duo!

Really, these two, are the BEST of cousins!

Anna & Elsa!

The two girls singing "Let It Go" and Taylor Swift's "Mean."

Watching everyone else do karaoke.

Meanwhile....back at our house:


Noelle showing me all her presents.

Although I was super bummed that Halle and I missed out on Christmas Eve (you know how much I love Christmas!!!), I was really happy that Noelle and Joey had fun. Noelle is a very shy girl, even with her own family and cousins, so she didn't show that much enthusiasm when she was opening gifts. However, when she got home she couldn't wait to show me her loot! She was thrilled by all her gifts and seriously has not stopped playing with all her toys. She had a fabulous time! Thanks family for the great gifts, our girls are certainly spoiled!

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