December 31, 2014

New Year's Wishes, Hopes, & Prayers

I've avoided getting personal or detailed about my dad's recent diagnosis, only briefly mentioning it in a previous post, but now that a New Year is upon us and his condition is not yet better, I wish to share with everyone why it would mean the world to me to have every one wish him well, send him good vibes, and to pray for him.

A month ago my dad's doctors discovered three cancerous polyps during a colonoscopy for my dad. They discussed options and decided upon an abdominal incision to remove the three areas. Unfortunately when he went into surgery, the three areas weren't found. The markings that the doctor had made, the surgeon could not detect. Therefore, instead of one incision, they made three incisions to look for the spots. Even with the three incisions, they were unable to locate two of the polyps.

My dad was sent home to recover with an appointment to come back for another colonoscopy, where the doctor could remark the areas. Because the incisions weren't successful they decided to try a different route. They decided to go up his back, blow his stomach up, and laser the areas. This was yesterday, and once again it failed to take care of the affected areas.

With much dismay my dad now has to go in for another surgery. They have decided to try another incision. He currently is still recovering from his first incisions (with the one closest to his navel giving him the most pain) and is exhausted. He has lost a lot of weight, currently only weighing two more pounds than me, and is just weak.

Please, if you believe in the power of prayer, or if you could kindly please send my dad all the good mojo you can, I'd deeply appreciate it. Anything that you believe in - good vibrations, hopes, wishes, anything. I just want my dad to go through this quickly, and to have his next surgery be his last. I want my dad to recover and start 2015 healthy and polyp free. Also a few prayers for my mother as well, for taking care of my dad and for being his main support system. I'm saddened to be across the country from them, and just wish they can feel all the love and support right now that they deserve. It's been a few long weeks over the holidays.

Thank you kindly, and happy new year!! May your family be blessed, healthy, and happy!

December 29, 2014

It's That Time Again...Resolutions!

So, after being Queen of Christmas, I am Queen of Resolutions...I love making resolutions and always follow through. Therefore I'm pretty embarrassed to admit that last year's resolutions were not all completed! Some say 2 out of 3 isn't bad, but come on...I had only 3 resolutions for 2014! I will admit defeat and try again! Lol.

So for 2015 here are my resolutions:

1. (Repeat offender. The one I didn't do last year.) Meal plan! I need to get my stuff together and start prepping meals! I am a horrible cook and can make about 4 things, so I need to start finding some good, quick and easy recipes to master! Besides needing to cook at home, I need to plan out the meals, so that we are never scratching our heads at 5:30 pm, debating over what to eat!

2. Be a better wife. All seriousness. Here's the thing...I'm an alright mom. Not a perfect mom, but I TRY to be a perfect mom. I try to be there for every single things my kids do. I try to give them all the patience in the world, and all the love I can muster. I give them so many chances, and I fill their hearts and minds with encouragement, support, and love. Now it's time to try to be a perfect wife. I love my kids so much that I admit, sometimes, I put my relationship and marriage on the back burner. I let it fizzle in the background while I concentrate on the main dish - my kids. My kids are so important, yes, and their childhood is molded in my hands, but my marriage needs some TLC too. I've realized that at moments, Joey and I are just parents, not a couple. We need more than date nights. We need to talk again, hang out, enjoy each other's interests, gain new interests together, have experiences together other than parenting ones, and show each other the type of patience, encouragement, support, and love that we show our kids.

3. Start Saving!! We cut back on so many expenses last year, which was one of my resolutions. We downsized, cut out unnecessary credit cards and tried our best to get our finances together by consolidating where we could. Although, all of that has been a gigantic step in the right direction, we need to actually start saving money and have a tangible amount of money at the end of 2015. I would love more than anything to be able to buy the current house we are renting and to transform it into our very own home.

4. Make Mommy Time. This is a selfish resolution, but a very necessary one. I think over time as I have become a mom, I've gotten into a funk. I no longer take care of myself. I don't pamper myself in any way, I don't spend any money on myself, I never go out alone, and hardly ever have "girl's nights" with my friends. Not that I want to put the kids to bed then run wild through the city, but I would like to make time out for myself once again, to do things that I want to do, and/or to take care of myself. I think it would make me an even better mother, to have alone time and to be happy! One of the things that I love to do the most that I haven't found the time to do is run. I miss running so much. That's my way of releasing stress, and a time for me to think and be alone. I want to start running again. The last time I ran was when I was 2 months pregnant with Halle! Time to lace up those running shoes!

Happy New Year everyone!! May 2015 be the best one yet!

December 28, 2014

Thank You For 9 Beautiful Months, Baby Halle!

I can't help it. I know I shouldn't say this, but...I think 9 months ago I gave birth to the most perfect baby in the whole entire world, and that baby's name is Halle Yen. Oh my goodness, I love this little girl SOOOOO much! She has been nothing short but the most darling, picture perfect, sweetie pie, love bug this world's ever seen. Don't get me wrong, I love both my daughters more than life itself, and I adore Noelle more than anything....but come on, this baby! This face! Halle makes me so happy!!

Here are the running stats!

Age: 9 Months
Clothing size: 12-18 months (You are in the 99th percentile for height! Wowza!)
Diaper size: 3...probably should upgrade you but we got 2 boxes of diapers for Christmas in size 3, so hang in there girl. LOL
Physical Development: YOU CRAWL!!!! You figured it out in a matter of days, and ever since, you haven't stopped!
Teeth: Nopers!

Measuring against your sister:
At this age your sister was already crawling quite a bit, and also pulling herself up to stand. You just learned how to crawl, so you aren't quite there yet, but that's okay! I don't want you growing up too fast! :) You also have no teeth yet, while Noelle had one by now. That's okay too! You make do without teeth just fine!! (Better than fine! You eat like a horse!!)

New talents: You feed yourself wonderfully and you use that sippy pretty well.
Favorite foods: Finger foods. You are so over baby food. No more mush you say! You like FLAVOR! you like Chiptole, chili, chicken, mashed potatoes, cheesy hash browns, etc.
Nursing: (It never ends.) 3x a day, 2x a night.

You are so cute!! 

Currently enjoying: Crawling! You love getting into your sister's stuff! You like to be carried, to eat out, to sit in high chairs and carts, to be outside, to go shopping and people watch! You think being tickled is hilarious and you also love kisses all over your face and neck. It makes you belly laugh!
Currently despises: Getting your hands wiped, getting your hair washed. 

Napping: 2x a day.
Sleeping: Meh. Not better yet. You still like to get up 2-3x a night. You also like to pull your bumpers down - it assists you in sitting up. Then you look for us, cry out, and sit there until someone comes to you. Oy vey! You also like to sleep on your side. You are just like mama - a side sleeper for sure! You NEVER sleep on your tummy (which your sister did all the time).
Sleeps with: Paci and blankies!

Speech: You said your first words this month! You said "dada" and "mama!" I am thrilled!!! Noelle's first word was "dada" and it was only dada for a long time. You say dada and mama both all the time! You definitely call out for both of us! You like to ask for mama first, then if you can't find me, you call out for dada! I guess, technically, your first word was dada...but I don't know...I think it was just babble and not deliberate. ;)

Firsts: Christmas, fever, illness, crawl. It was an eventful month!

Personality: You are the sweetest pea in the world. You smile at everyone and anyone. You can smile practically on demand. You smile even in the midst of tears. You are happy, sweet, loving, and a cuddler. You want to be in someone's arms all the time. Lover!

Oh my little belly! I love you so much! You make me so, so happy. Noelle loves you so much too. Daddy also adores you to pieces! We all just want to squeeze you all day! Thank you for being in our lives and making every day worthwhile! Love you my Happy Halle!

A Wagner Christmas Story

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring...except mommy who stayed up finishing up presents, munching on Santa's cookies, and filling those stockings!! This was a much anticipated Christmas, as this was Noelle's first Christmas that she fully understood and was excited for, and baby Halle's first Christmas ever! 

The girls had presents from mommy and daddy wrapped in colorful paper, and Santa left his presents in white paper, with notes on them!


Christmas morning!! Christmas miracle, my little Snow Belle finally broke her fever! And the ball pit that Santa brought her filled her with some smiles!!

And Noelle was thrilled! She got her Rapunzel play doh that she asked Santa for!!

So very happy!

And Baby Halle loved her new mirror!

"Ralphie," hehe.


There's nothing better than your kids enjoying Christmas morning! And together! :)


Later on, it was time for our annual Christmas dinner at Grandma Ethel's, but since Halle was still under the weather, she and I stayed home. Joey and Noelle ventured out into the snow and had a sweet daddy-daughter Christmas date! Noelle got dolled up for daddy. :)

When Noelle returned home she had to give her sister a check up, to make sure she was getting better of course! :) I think it's safe to say we had a very successful Christmas! :)

Christmas Eve '14

Traditionally, each Christmas Eve we spend the evening with Joey's mom, stepdad, and all the siblings and cousins. For the past few Christmases we have gone to Heather's house and the kids have had a wonderful time playing together and opening presents from Grandma Sue and Don, and a few from each other. I absolutely love Christmas Eve! So it was a bit disheartening this year because Halle got SO sick the night before Christmas Eve! She spiked a fever of 103, and was doing miserably. Her fever didn't break the next day either, and she wasn't sleeping well. There was no way I could take my baby out while she was under that condition, so Christmas Eve, Halle and I stayed home to recoup while Joey and Noelle trekked out to Heather's. I was really sad to have missed the first Christmas that Noelle truly understood, and also sad for Halle that she missed out on her very first Christmas Eve EVER, but a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do!

Noelle with her cousins - her favorite girls in the world - Gracie, Ellie, Vivi, and Ava!

Cousin Love!

Joey with his siblings, Staci, Cory, Heather, and Nik, his cousin Brianna, and their grandma - Grandma Libby!

 Grandma with almost all her grandkids! (Missing Clayton and Halle!)


Each year the kids in our family make something for Grandma that she then brings to the cabin. One year they all made bird feeders. Another year they all made stepping stones. This year each grandkid decorated a letter, which she can hang up at the cabin, that will spell "Makin' Memories." Halle got the I. We stamped her footprint on there and the saying "From the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes, I love you!"

Noelle made flowers out of her fingerprints, then on the back I had the poem,
"My dirty little fingerprints, I've left on every wall,
And on the drawers and table tops, I've really marked them all,
But here is one that won't rub off,
I'm giving it to you,
because I'm thankful for a grandma like you!"

 All the letters made by the grandkids! (K is missing because Clayton wasn't there.)

Present time!


Yay! A Doc McStuffins Check Up Center!

Noelle opening up gifts!

Coloring in Vivi's new purse!

The girls are the age now where they really know what's going on! They are both sitting here admiring the Sofia box, lol. 

 Very excited about her new Sleeping Beauty figurines!

Vivi and Noelle opening gifts together.

Vivi with her "new sister" as she called her, haha.

Because there are so many kids in the family, all the kids just pull a name out of a box on Thanksgiving to gift another cousin. Lucky for Noelle, she pulled Vivi! We got her a beautiful Elsa dress and lots of Frozen accessories. Vivi was thrilled and the girls got to dress up together as their favorite duo!

Really, these two, are the BEST of cousins!

Anna & Elsa!

The two girls singing "Let It Go" and Taylor Swift's "Mean."

Watching everyone else do karaoke.

Meanwhile....back at our house:


Noelle showing me all her presents.

Although I was super bummed that Halle and I missed out on Christmas Eve (you know how much I love Christmas!!!), I was really happy that Noelle and Joey had fun. Noelle is a very shy girl, even with her own family and cousins, so she didn't show that much enthusiasm when she was opening gifts. However, when she got home she couldn't wait to show me her loot! She was thrilled by all her gifts and seriously has not stopped playing with all her toys. She had a fabulous time! Thanks family for the great gifts, our girls are certainly spoiled!
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