November 18, 2014

Week In Review: Time to Reset!

Lordy, here we are on Tuesday, another late post! We have been so non-stop lately that I'm one exhausted (and totally late) mama. Do you ever have those moments that no matter how much you are aware that you really do LOVE your life and are blessed, you have throw-your-arms-up-in-the-air-in-frustration-and-cry-out moments? That's me lately!

Although, I know there is nothing about my life that I should be complaining about, it's tough sometimes not to when I feel that my cup is SO full!! We are still trying to settle into our new home (it's hard to work on the house with these two goofballs), Noelle is still making adjustments to our move, and we are still in the midst of potty training Noelle (she has #1 mastered, but too scared to go #2). Besides that we are well underway in our first year of dance and school, I'm still nursing Halle for majority of the night, Joey is putting in longer hours at work, and I've been steadily subbing throughout the school district each week! Whew! Our lives are full to the brim!

Now that Noelle's third birthday has passed, I'm so relieved to get one thing off my to-do list! Without having that to plan, I can concentrate on getting our house in order and concentrate on the girls. It's been a little rough with Noelle. She wasn't comfortable sleeping in her new room alone so when we moved she was bunking in our bed almost every night. At first it was just easier to go with it, since I still nurse Halle quite a bit, Noelle and Joey slept in our bed together, and Halle and I slept in Noelle's room. It worked, until it didn't...

Joey and I finally had enough! Noelle needs to get back in her bedroom, and Halle needs to sleep in her crib! Mommy and daddy can't co-sleep forever! This week we are working on sleep training both our kids and getting them back in their own beds and getting bedtime routines back in order!

We also had our first snowfall last week here in Minnesota! Noelle wasn't super impressed, but Halle was mesmerized. It's been so cold, but to lighten our moods and make the weather more bearable we have already started decorating for the Christmas season! This was one of my favorite moments from last week, amongst all the chaos.

Here are a few more gems from the past week! 

Sweet Belly!

Princess Anna x2.

My Belly! <3

Baby Love.

On Saturday Noelle had a really fun day with her cousin Vivi, who we had over for the day. (Yes, it was exhausting, lol, but the girls just adore each other.) We filled the day with dancing, tea parties, dressing up, having a fashion show, and watching The Nutcracker. (Yes, we are starting the Christmas films!)

 Pajama Rama!

Noelle asked me to take her picture and said "I want to do my sassy pose." Haha. :)

Two must watch videos of Noelle and Vivi:


 Now that Noelle has the new Glitter Glider castle, she has handed down her Little People princess castle to Halle. The girls sit together every morning and play with their princesses together. :)

Moments when I feel tired, frustrated, and too busy to enjoy my life and kids, I take a step back and breathe deeply. I remind myself of everything I am thankful for (how fitting that it's Thanksgiving next week!) and I reset myself. So here I am, reflecting on this past week with these beautiful pictures of my daughters - and resetting myself for another busy week to tackle! 

See you next week!

(A sweet little video to end our week.)

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