November 25, 2014

Week In Review: Staying Warm!

Another week in the life! Last week mama worked 4 days, so I didn't get to spend a whole lot of time with the family (bummer). I sure miss my girls when I'm working but it was also so fun! Besides pumping during my lunch hours in a closet, working has been a dream ever since I started subbing. Since I was busy working, it was a quiet week with the girls...we spent majority of the week in our pajamas when we were together, and did some holiday crafts and played. :)

Miss Halle devouring her flash cards while Noelle does art projects.

Playing in the "hot tub." (That's what Noelle calls our ottoman, lol.)

On Saturday Noelle and I went to Target's Frozen Fest thing, which was cute! From 10 am - 12pm they had photo props for the kids to take pictures with, and if you came dressed up as a Frozen character you received a free goodie bag! it was filled with Olaf stickers, fruit snacks, a code for a free Frozen app, a Frozen poster, and cute little hats! (Crowns or antlers, depending.)

Keeping up with my cookie promise (to keep the Santa jar filled all winter), we got Frozen cookies to celebrate our Frozen date! 

It's suppose to be Anna's frozen heart - lol, is that the best they could do?! ;)

Noelle at dance with her little friends on Saturday's class. Also showing off her riehle booty shorts!

We hung out for a while after class and went to watch the big girls. 

It was a cold and rather boring week since Joey and I didn't want to do much when we got home from work, so we busted out the tent! Noelle was so excited to "go camping" and Halle liked it too!

Here Noelle is playing doctor with Halle. She's listening to her heartbeat. :) Noelle has been obsessed with Doc McStuffins lately.

Now she's checking her temperature, lol.

Halle says "I'll check my own temperature, thank you."

The tent takes up a huge chunk of the living room but the girls have kept it up all week, playing and reading in it, so whatever! We go with the flow at Fort Wagner. 


Yesterday I FINALLY had a morning off and since Noelle didn't have school either I took the girls to Rosedale Mall and we went to see Santa! Afterwards I told Noelle she could have one thing from the mall - whatever she wanted for doing so good with Santa. I thought she was going to get something from Claire's (she loves that place) but instead she wanted to ride the little Lady Bug train at the mall! It costs $3.50 a ticket for anyone over age 2, so it cost us $7 to take one lap around the upper level. I was a little turned off by the price, but it was fun nonetheless. Noelle loved it. It played super cute train songs and we passed a bunch of "cute stores" as Noelle put it. She begged to go on it again once it was done, but no way was I dropping another $7 lol, sorry honey.

Mommy and her girls at the mall! 

Football Sunday!

The girls enjoying the Christmas display. :)

Hope everyone had a fun week and stayed warm! See you next week!

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