November 10, 2014

Week In Review: Noelle's Birthday Week!

You read that right...Noelle's Birthday WEEK! In true diva fashion, we celebrated all week long! Beginning on Monday, Noelle was the Birthday Princess at school. Her class celebrated her birthday by singing to her and she got to wear a special birthday crown. Her sweet teacher Miss Mary also gave her the book "Happy Birthday Moon" as a present. Noelle has read that book before and was really happy to receive it. It was so sweet of her teacher to do that!

Halle says: "I know this week is about Noelle, but come on. Look at me in this outfit."

I love my goofballs. Here are the girls wrestling with daddy Monday night.

Here are my ballerinas Tuesday morning before dance class.


After a successful dance class we took a special trip to Toys R Us to scope out some prospective birthday and Christmas presents! The girls had a lot of fun looking for new rides. ;)

Oh man. Look at these girls. Joey and I are in so much trouble, lol. 

On Wednesday I didn't get to spend the day with my girls because I subbed at Sunnyside Elementary (which was AWESOME), but the girls got to have a fun day with Grandma and then daddy came home early. Wednesday night I got really busy playing "Birthday Fairy" (<-- click to see more pics) and hopefully created some lasting memories for Noelle!

She woke up Thursday morning (her birthday!) and was SO excited! She beamed and just couldn't wipe that smile from her face! I was so bummed to not have a camera on hand to capture the moment but I was in the bathroom when she unexpectedly woke up. I seriously dashed out of there so quickly to catch her! It was so heartwarming to see her face and awe. I read her the letter the birthday fairy left her, and she had the widest eyes I've ever seen. It was precious!! I'm so happy I started this birthday tradition and I can't wait to do it for every birthday here on forth!

Joey and I agreed it would be a boring birthday without some new toys right off the bat, so she was allowed to open a few presents throughout the day. She received a cupcake play doh set from Baby Halle ;), a new Hello Kitty birthday dress from mom and dad that she demanded to wear right away, and a Hello Kitty tea set from the birthday fairy. She was ecstatic.

The night of her birthday we had a small birthday dinner for her. She asked for cupcakes and pizza so that's what we got! Her Uncle Nik and Auntie Erin came over for dinner and gave her an awesome Hello Kitty book! She also received a present from Grandma Sue, since she would not be attending Noelle's birthday party on Saturday. Grandma Sue's present was a giant Anna doll!

It didn't take long for Anna to be changed into several different princess dresses. Lol.

We also got to birthday Skype with my parents which was really nice. Noelle Skyped with them and opened up presents from them. She was SOOO excited to get exactly what she asked for...The Dancing Hello Kitty doll, and the Ariel Little People play set. She screamed as she ripped the paper off and screamed THAAAANK YOOOOOU!!!! to my parents. LOL. Thank you mom and dad! Noelle LOVES your gifts! :)

Then after that we did cupcakes. I'm pretty sure Noelle had the best day of her life.

It's so fun to have your child finally understand the concept of their birthday, and to enjoy the celebration! She understood it was HER day, and she definitely received the special treatment!!

Lastly, to top off the night she finally got her gift from mom and dad. We saved the best for last....that cupcake game she was CRYING over!!! She was THRILLED beyond words.

 Here she is before bedtime, watching a show in bed with her Olaf and new friend Anna. Yes, Anna is wearing some of Noelle's pajamas. HAHA!

As soon as she woke up Friday morning she asked for her cupcake game RIGHT AWAY. And played with it for a couple hours!

 She also had a tea party with Anna and Halle.

Friday day was a little bit exhausting for mama. I spent (literally) the WHOLE morning baking treats for her birthday party on Saturday. Trust me, first off, I shouldn't be baking. Second off, it's hard to get anything done with kids! Between Halle wanting to be carried and Noelle wanting me to play with her, I barely made it through the morning, let alone, try to perfect her birthday cookies. She also tried to help me. You can imagine how that went, lol.

There's her Hello Kitty doll from my parents in the background...her in Hello Kitty pajamas....and holding a Hello Kitty cookie kit. Do you think she might like Hello Kitty? :D

Not suuuuper helpful, but super cute!

The end product! Oh man. That's the last time I make my own treats. LOL. The purple and pink cookies dyed my hands, and the Hello Kitty cut out cookies were stressful! They all tasted DELICIOUS though, so that's all that matters. :)

Friday night we did our weekly family date to Smash Burger. The girls had fun as usual since we always make a night out of going to Har Mar. We went to Marshall's to browse, stopped in Barnes and Noble to play, and stopped to see the bulldogs (daddy's favorite) at the pet store.

 Noelle making her sister laugh. :)

At Barnes and Noble, Noelle had a little plumber's crack problem...and I also found her a new friend she could relate to...Grumpy Cat LOL.

Saturday morning we had dance again, and this time Noelle passed out treats to her class for her birthday. She passed out ICEE Freeze Push Ups to all her classmates - umm yes, she won the hearts of all her classmates! ;)

Hard to see, but Noelle (in the hot pink tutu) is passing out treats with Miss Melanie to her class.

Here's Noelle after class - just as excited as everyone else to have her ICEE treat!

Lastly, we wrapped up the busy birthday celebrations with a BIG Hello Kitty birthday party Saturday night! She had a few of her cousins and a whole slew of her little friends come to the studio for an awesome little party. The kids were adorable dancing away, playing, and loading up on all those cookies!!!! (Click here to see more pictures from the party!!)

What an incredibly FUN week. Even though I'm so glad to have it over with...(let's get our lives back in order!) it was seriously all worth it. Noelle felt so special and that's what birthday weeks are all about. She was spoiled beyond spoiled, but it was worth seeing every smile, hearing every thank you, and receiving every hug. Whew! Now it's time to start thinking about Halle's first birthday...... ;)

See you next week!

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